Friday, August 20, 2010

Preschool Corner/ Week 2, 2010

preschool corner

This week went smoother then our first week. Selena is getting the feel for her new curriculum and knows what to expect. She is enjoying working in her books and isn’t so reluctant to dig right in and get to work.


We continue to work on pre-reading skills, which Selena is really enjoying. She understands now that she is expected to read each letter from left to right and mark out the wrong letters or words that do not begin with the letter we are working on. I like to call these letter search puzzles for no better name for them. We have also been spending a lot of time just reading from our library books. Selena is having fun with rhyming words, which was a concept she struggled with a bit last year.


One thing I like about Selena’s curriculum this year is it has pages that call for coloring, cutting and gluing. This weeks was identifying pictures that start with the letter B and gluing them onto a ladybug.

Selena also worked on writing the letter B b. She loved writing the small b, and though she did really well with the capital B, she would only write it once.




This week Selena was excited to count on her 1 to 100 chart. Last week she wasn’t sure about it. She counted up to 55 before saying she had enough. We also worked on counting by 10’s to reinforce the concept of 10, 20, 30 and so forth since she was struggling a bit with which one came after 29, 39 etc.

She loves the little rhymes in her math book that goes along with teaching how to write the numbers. She is still a little reluctant on writing her numbers, but she is sure memorizing the rhymes, such as “Up over the hill, slide down and to the side” for the number 2.


She had her first pre-spelling exercise this week. The idea was she had two squares one had the letter a and one the letter e. I randomly said words that started with these letters and she had to point to the letter the word began with. I threw in quite a few harder words to make sure she was listening and not just remembering the words from her phonics. She did very well with this.



We had fun reading Abigail Spells by Anna Alter, then having Selena spell a few words that she knows by heart as I wrote them. She then tried her own hand at writing a word on her own that she knows how to spell, which was dog. This was our stART project this week, since Selena has informed me that for arts and crafts she only wants to do her letters and numbers. I am going to make some fun crafts using the letters and numbers to see if we can’t get a little crafty around here.

Selena had her follow up with the GI specialist. We had come to the conclusion over our vacation that our water here was creating some problems for Selena. We are on city water but it comes from a well and is heavily chlorinated. Unlike the water in Spokane that comes from the aquifer or underground river and is not as heavily chlorinated. She did great in Spokane, and even the rash on her arms had cleared up. We are now on a strict bottle water regimen with Selena, and will have to use water treatment tablets in her baths. In my opinion I believe my husband may have to look for work someplace besides here, I just can’t imagine having her live where she can’t bathe let alone drink the water. 

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  1. That's fabulous she is getting into her curriuclum. Sometimes it does take a while to adjust doesn't it.

    Have you considered a reverse osmosis system on your bath/shower head and your kitchen taps...might be something worth looking into.

  2. Where starting our new year next week - my youngest two are really looking forward to their workbooks - I hope they're as good as Selena's.

  3. I'm glad to hear you may have solved the problem. I probably wouldn't have thought it that either.

    Sounds like a great curriculum match for all of you.

  4. I'm glad she's enjoying the curriculum. I like the sounds of it too. Lots of fun! It's good you may have solved her problem too, although, what a pain to have to avoid the water! (Be sure to ask her dentist about fluoride if she's not getting any in the water she's drinking - we had to worry about that in England...)

  5. This is very interesting about water! I remember having huge problems with constipation while visiting places in the former Soviet Union with chlorinated water. It could certainly be an answer to some of her issues. It's great that she is liking her curriculum and is so enthusiastic about writing.