Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Very Intense


What do you think Selena is watching so intensely? She didn’t move from this spot the entire this intense situation was going on. She watched and watched, asking questions the entire time. Do you think you can guess what she was watching?

I think someone knows we might be in for quite a winter. We have lived here for 6 years, seen our share of bad storms, but I have yet to see any of this going on in our neighborhood.

I bet you are ready to see what Selena found that was so fascinating that she intensely sat in the window for almost an hour watching.


When they got done the neighbors only had about half a tree left. I wanted to get a picture of the tree but wouldn’t you know it my batteries went dead in my camera right after I took the above picture. I wondered if they were going to start trimming the large one on the left side of this picture, but they didn’t touch it not one bit. Selena sure was curious as to why and how they were cutting up “her” tree as she put it.

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  1. Our neighbors cut down a couple trees last year, and my kids were glued to the window just like this!

  2. When we trimmed our tree this spring my kids kept going back and forth between the window and the legos to keep up with what was going on.

  3. Watching those trucks would have entertained my daughter as well. She has been intrigued by the house building going on down the road as well.

  4. I wish there was anything exciting to watch from our windows - I could get an entire hour to myself :) I think it was a good science/engineering lesson for her.