Monday, August 30, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The other day Selena asked me what my wedding ring was for. I explained that it showed that I am married to Papa. Here was our conversation:

  • Selena: “What’s this?” pointing to my ring
  • Me: “My wedding ring.”
  • Selena: “Why do you have it?”
  • Me: “It shows that I am married to Papa.”
  • Selena: “Can I have one?”
  • Me: “Your not married. Do you think you will get one when you get married?”
  • Selena after thinking about this for a while, “Yes, I will get married.”
  • Me: “Who do you think you would marry?”
  • Selena after pondering a bit, “Well, there is Garret, But I can marry a dog right now!”

Selena was given some clothes from a friend who had out grown them. Some of the pajamas have this person on them:

hannah Selena was playing fashion show, so I asked her to describe her clothes to me.

  • Selena: “I am wearing my pajamas.”
  • Me: “Tell me about your pajamas.”
  • Selena: “Some days it is ok to wear your pajamas.”
  • Me: “No, describe your pajamas, what do they look like?”
  • Selena: “They have Hannah Montana on them.”
  • Me: “Who is Hannah Montana?”
  • Selena: Pointing to the picture on her pajamas, says “Her a girl.”
  • Me: “What does she do?”
  • Selena: “Pictures herself on my pajamas.”
  • Me: “Is she a real person?”
  • Selena: “Yes.”
  • Me: “What does she do, she does something.”
  • Selena: Now she is getting irritated with my questions “She just pictures herself on my pajamas.”

I guess she really does not know who Hannah Montana is, and you know that is just fine by me.

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  1. Selena is probably thinking, "isn't it obvious that Hannah Montana is just the girl on my shirt? Who else is she supposed to be?" Very funny.

  2. Garret sounds like a better choice than a dog :)

  3. Princess says she's going to marry a friend of hers. My kids have all picked out their spouses. I think it's about as likely as Selena marrying the dog.

    My kids have no idea who she is either, and I'm just fine with that.

  4. I love Selena's quotes. It's too funny about Hannah Montana - Anna definitely has no idea who that is either.

  5. Too cute! "she pictures on my Pajamas" !! Love a child's simple world;)

  6. Oh, too cute! Love her train of thought about Hannah Montana.

    Happy TTT!