Thursday, August 19, 2010

stART Letters

We finally got some answers from Selena as to what type of Arts and Crafts she wanted to do. We have tried so many different things just to have her turn her nose up and walk away. Leah from Almost Homeschoolers, suggested we ask her what she wants to make, which we have done before to come up with answers of “Oh just arts and crafts.” She finally told me she wanted to do letters and numbers. I thought of large letters and numbers that we could color, decorate, or what ever, but no this is not what Selena had in mind.

Abigail I found Abigail Spells by Anna Alter at the library. I knew right away this would be a great stART project based on what Selena wanted to do for arts and crafts. This is a story about a girl named Abigail who loves to spell everything, well, every word she knows how to spell.

After reading the book, I had Selena tell me some of the words she knows how to spell, and I wrote them out for her.

100_3410I then told her it was her turn to write words she knows how to spell.

100_3413  You will probably have to enlarge the picture to see that it does say Dog, well Doq, but nice job Selena!

We then just had fun spelling, writing and drawing using letters.

100_3412 I am still going to try to just get Selena to decorate some letters and numbers, maybe we can decorate our little classroom corner with them.

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  1. That sounds like a good book for children who are learning to spell

  2. You might want to do some of these word art activities:

  3. Isn't it funny how they have something specific in mind when they come up with stuff?

    Great writing.

  4. Selena certainly looks well pleased with her "art". Her letter drawing skills are coming along nicely!

  5. Selena definitely knows what she wants. Did she write "Bird" in the second picture? Wow! I have to look for this book, it looks very interesting!

  6. Love Selena's expression. Way to go Selena!!

  7. What an awesome job she did! My post is going up tonight. Please stop by.

  8. That book sounds neat, must check it out.