Sunday, August 1, 2010

Places to See

Truly there are a lot of things to see in Spokane. Like any big city there is the city life. Yet, Spokane has managed to hold onto much of the beauty that has set it apart from many large cities.

Some of the attractions that I hope to show Selena while we are there and just revisit myself are:

cfiles275 Riverside State Park. This is a suspension bridge that hangs over the Spokane River. It is a fun bridge to cross the way it shakes with every step and sways in the wind. There is a lovely picnic and camp area on one side, and some great  hiking trails on the other side. Also home of the Bowl and Pitcher. You will have to definitely come back to see pictures of this place and hear some little unknown tid bits about how this place came about being…let’s just say someone I know and love dearly helped build this beautiful park.

spokane-riverfront-park Riverfront Park. Believe it or not this use to be the old train station this land was nothing but a field of train tracks. Always was a hang out for the transients, drunks, and homeless people. Some things never change as still the homeless have taken over sections and I remember my last summer in Spokane they actually built a tent city here.  It was cleaned up and was home to the World’s Fair in 1974. The beauty that laid under all the dry dirty back drop of train tracks and piles of rubbish made most visitors think Spokane had rerouted the river, and cascading landscape to create such a beautiful place. I only have one thing to say, this is not the case, the beauty was just hidden from view in the old Spokane. Again you will have to come back to see everything and it’s true beauty.

2801850752_31721a8c51 Manito Park. Now this is one place I am not sure we will go and see. It is beautiful, and has just about every flower under the sun that grows. I was never drawn that much to Manito Park, for some strange reason. So this destination is one you will definitely have to come back to see if we actually did go here or not. Manito is one of the oldest parks in Spokane, and is home to the Japanese gardens. Many weddings are held in this park every spring and summer, it truly is a place of beauty. This is one of those places on my lists of things to see that is marked with a big maybe.

There are many other places I know we will go and see, and things we will do, many places and things on my maybe list, so guess what you will have to come back and see next week, just where we did go and what we did see!

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  1. Okay, we might have to plan a trip to Spokane. I think if we left early in the morning, we could make it a day trip - even allowing an extended stop at the Cabellas at State Line, for the Man of House. I look forward to seeing your list.

  2. Oh my is Manito Park gorgeous! And I'm with you I would totally visit the suspension bridge.

  3. It makes me want to go and visit Spokane too - it looks like a very beautiful place!