Monday, August 2, 2010

Places to Eat in Spokane

One of the first things I plan on doing while we are in Spokane, is go eat! There are a few places in Spokane, that one just can’t find on the West side of the State. Many of evenings, I have longed for a good juicy burger or a wonderful plate of Chinese food, only to know that I will not find what I am looking for in our neck of the woods, or anywhere on the West side of Washington.

The first place I am going to go to is a fast food restaurant. I worked at this place out of high school and I do believe it to be one of the best hamburger places ever!

zips My favorite burger is known as their Papa Joe. Two meat patties, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce. Oh and a must is a tub of fries with tarter sauce, and of course a milk shake! Believe me if you are ever in Spokane this is a must stop fast food restaurant!

Oh, Chinese Food! Now I tend to be picky where my Chinese food comes from. If I am not cooking it myself, there really is only two places I will eat Chinese food at, and yes, they both are in Spokane. My most favorite one though is Cathay Inn. China Dragon is a good place too, but I still tend to lean toward Cathay Inn. For as long as I can remember Cathay Inn has always been in Spokane, it is a family owned and operated business. I have some very wonderful, fun, and hilarious memories surrounding this restaurant.


These are the two restaurants that I miss the most. We will definitely be eating at both of these places. You will have to come back to see what we ate and how much fun we had when we come home!

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  1. Oi know what you mean aboutfavorte eating places There's one in San Jose I still remember almost twenty years later

  2. I am now craving for a burger :) Have fun and make sure you visit all the favorite places :)

  3. Have you eaten at Franks Diner?

    I've only had breakfast there but it was very good and I think kids would especially enjoy eating in a train car.

    I have wonderful memories of patty melts and onion rings with my Dad at Jay's Avocado Burgers in Long Beach, CA. (I never tried their avocado burger-- hated avocados when I was kid) Sadly my Dad has told me that the restaurant is no longer there. Best patty melts EVER!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip.