Saturday, July 31, 2010

What My Child is Reading/Vacation Style

I asked Selena to pick out her favorite books to take on our trip to Spokane. I wanted books that she could read independently for the car ride over and back, as well as some of her favorites that we could share for quiet times.


She picked out several Biscuit books. We added a few new Biscuit books to the list as well, that she had not read yet. One that was very fitting for our trip, was Biscuit Visits the Big City. I believe all total she chose 6 Biscuit books, those should give her plenty of hours of independent reading on our journey to and from our destinations. All of the Biscuit books are very fun stories about the adventures of this puppy.

everycowgirl Selena informed me Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse was a must take book. I do believe we are going to look for this book to add to her own library, since she is so wild about it. I know I also love the story in this book about the wishes of a girl wanting a horse, and even though her horse was not the horse she wanted, she still came out as the best cowgirl.

pink Pinkalicious was another must have on her list for books to take. I felt this was enough books, or I hope this is enough books, I might throw a few in from our own collection.

To see more children’s books visit Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. I've absolutely got to pick those up for my youngest.

  2. The cowgirl one looks like so much fun!

    When I was teaching 2nd grade I had a 2nd grader who was nuts about Biscuit and would check the books out every week. Does Selena like Henry and Mudge?

  3. Those are all great books! I hope that Selena has a great time on the trip.