Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knock Knock Jokes

Selena and I have loved to share knock knock jokes for sometime now. Normally her jokes really don’t make sense but I laugh along with her. Tonight however, she asked me to play knock knock with her:

  • Selena: Knock Knock
  • Me: Who’s There?
  • Selena: Cargo
  • Me: Cargo Who?
  • Selena: Cargo drives fast!

I couldn’t help but crack up laughing, all the while being amazed that she finally put a knock knock joke together on her own. I had never told her this one before, I don’t know if she had heard it from somewhere, or what but it definitely was a winner in my book.

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  1. Makes a lot more sense than the ones my kids say....... A LOT more sense. They're amused by the nonsense of their answers.

  2. Very impressive. I think Anna only heard knock-knock jokes in Sid the Science Kid, and she never tried to make her own joke of that nature yet. It was always hard for me to appreciate them - that's where my English-as-a-Second-Language plays tricks with my appreciation of the word play.