Friday, July 9, 2010

Upcoming Review & Giveaway

I have been thinking that I would love to get some new table lamps. The lamps I have are older then I am. They are lamps that my Dad bought for my Mom at an auction years ago. I was so thrilled when my mom gave them to me. While I still love them they are really starting to show their age.

I was thrilled when CSN stores contacted me about doing another review and giveaway. My first thought was maybe I could replace my lamps with these. They have a great selection of lamps at some great prices.


Of course CSN stores has so many stores that I had to take a look at some of the other merchandise they have as well. You see I am not really sure I want to part with the lamps that I have had in my life, well all my life! Remember when I said that our electric fry pan burned out, the last time Selena helped me make French toast? Well, guess what they carry Electric Fry Pans!


Then you know Christmas (yes, I know it is only July, but I shop early) is coming up, and I could so easily buy Selena a cool set of play food, for when she plays imaginary kitchen, then I would at least know what I am eating instead of trying to guess or asking her. Maybe I wouldn’t end up with pickles and sugar stuffed in my mouth.

Pretend and Play Lunch Foods Basket

Oh and remember the handbag I have had my eyes on since the first time I did a review for CSN stores? Well, you know maybe it is time to just get something for me.

Stamps and Letters Fold Over Tote Bag

Are you getting excited yet? Well, tell you what leave a comment as to what you think I should pick, and get an extra entry into the upcoming giveaway for a $40.00 gift certificate from CSN stores, so you can have fun yourself trying to decide just what you want to spend it on!

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  1. I still vote for the purse.
    It looks like a great week! How did Selena react to seeing where Michael grew up? My kids are fascinated by where Jeff and I grew up, and I bet she is as well.

  2. oo I think you should get the new electric fry pan. I think you and Selena would have some wonderful moments cooking on that together.