Friday, July 9, 2010

Preschool Corner/Summer is Here

preschool corner

After a long wait, with cloudy cool temperatures we find ourselves in a heat wave. Thankfully it isn’t as hot as some of you are finding yourselves in, but it’s been hot for here. I resolved to the fact that Summer is just that Summer, and our school has slowed way down, as I am sure many of you have noticed. I am fine with this considering Selena’s age, and the fact that there is just way too much to be learned through life school.

This week we celebrated the 4th of July along with everyone else, taking a road trip to Astoria, Oregon. Along the way there and back we had a great opportunity to finish our study on Rivers. Selena got a good look at what a mouth of a river looks like and to see how ships make their way into the mouth of the river to travel on up river to pick up or deliver cargo. It seems that they pick up more cargo now days then they do deliver it however sad that may sound, anyway it sounds pretty sad to me. Why? Well, with all our lumber, timber, and everything else our country produces being shipped out with no huge returns on cargo coming in does not make for a balanced economy nor job security.

100_3134 Selena got a long time questioned answered as to why we have  a ceiling fan. And yes, she found out it is not up there so that someday I will lift her up there so she can ride around on it. Where she ever came up with that idea I have no idea, but for the last year or two she has off and on begged me to lift her up so she could go around on the plane on our ceiling, the plane request did change to fan as she has become wiser. She also got to experience how the fan actually helps to keep the house cooler on these hot days, considering we have no AC. Why would people put in AC here when the units would hardly pay for themselves, we get so much hot weather you know.

Selena has clung to her library books from a couple of weeks ago, time for them to go back, so we can get onto reading some of the others I brought home. I love the way that she is getting about books, it is not the quantity anymore, but the content and quality of the content that she is finding appealing. Selena is also becoming a great story teller in her own right. She makes up stories through out the day. I would love to write them all down but get real, the way she makes up stories that is all I would be doing, well not really but I think you know what I mean.

We have ordered the books we tend to start working out of for next year. We picked and chose what we would use, and while yes they did come from the same vendor, we did not go with the boxed curriculum set. My work will be cut out for me when we get home from vacation, planning out our year.


There you have it, while we are not all entwined in formal learning the learning still goes on. To see what others are doing hop on over to Homeschool Creations.

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  1. I hope your getting some enjoyment out of the warm weather, and not just sweltering :)

  2. Your summer looks very mellow, and I am glad that Selena has fun. Anna is definitely "more is better" girl when it comes to books, but she does enjoy her favorites and also has a hard time returning them to the library.

  3. I agree - life school is just as important as book school. Enjoy your summer!! Love the story about the ceiling fan.

  4. I live in Southeast Texas and we couldn't live without ceiling fans (or the AC for that matter). It's funny when I watch the news about the heat wave that is happening up North and we make comments like, "It's 90 degrees and they are acting like it's a sauna outside," but we forget that ya'll don't normally have air conditioners up there. It's normal for us to have hot and humid days, but I'm now realizing that it's not for ya'll. Hope you all survive this unusual heat wave that you're having.