Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selena and our Yard Sale

Yesterday we decided to have a yard sale. To give you a picture of what our garage looked like before the garage sale. When we found out we were moving here, we had two weeks to move in. We were moving out of a three bedroom home with a full basement, my mom lived with us there so when she died we inherited most of her belongings and also inherited a lot of my sister’s belongings as well. Anyway we didn’t have time in the two weeks to do much but pack so it all came over here with us. Our house now is much smaller, so most of these things were in our garage, along with all of Selena’s baby furniture, old toys, old clothes and miscellaneous items. Getting the picture that our garage was busting at the seams?

Papa and I got the yard sale set up before Selena woke up yesterday morning. The first thing she did when she woke up was pop her head out the window and exclaimed, “Oh your getting rid of all my pretty things!” She didn’t say this in a sad tone more of a matter of fact tone. I got her dressed and fed her breakfast and took her outside.

She discovered many toys she remembered. I thought she would complain as people came and bought her things and walked off with them. No, she didn’t not one bit. I was very proud of the fact that she didn’t complain once about any of the items we had for sale. Since she was being so good, greeting the people as they came, and being so polite, we let her pick out two things that she could keep. She scanned the toys and picked out two stuffys.

I do wish I would have had my camera on me though as she spent a good hour in Papa’s tool box, taking wrenches out and pretended to fix her bike. I kept thinking, Oh brother we are going to have to watch her with tools. She is going to be just like those in my family who takes things apart just to put them back together again. Well, we’re not that bad, we just are mechanically inclined.

Yes, we sold almost everything, leaving me with only a couple of boxes one of clothes and one of toys to take to Goodwill.

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  1. I'm glad you had a successful sale, and Selena took it so well!

  2. Congrats on getting rid of so much stuff. I'm glad Selena took it so well. We had a yard sale before we moved, and Crumpet did really well with the idea of getting rid of his stuff. Now, months later though, he keeps bursting into tears when he remembers yet another toy that we no longer have. The poor thing lost everything though - toys, friends, house - when we moved here, and he's having a really rough time... Good luck keeping the tools locked up!

  3. Sounds like a successful sale and Selena was so mature about it all. It always feels good to declutter and deal with items that are no longer of use to you.

  4. We had a yard sale too on Saturday, but we only put up a couple of toys for sale - mostly baby clothes and other stuff we didn't need. Anna loved participating in it, but she was most upset when we put up her high chair for sale. She doesn't want to part with it, because she feels that she is allowed to do more mess when she eats in a high chair. Anyway, it didn't sell, but we didn't put it back to the kitchen for now. I want to see if she still misses it in 2 weeks. If not, I'll put it on the Craigslist.