Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday


We woke up Sunday morning to a cloudy dreary day. We spent the day truly being lazy. Papa did get the lawn mowed before the winds picked up. I took time to look through our new curriculum for next year, that arrived on Friday. I am so excited, I just love what we have so far, and look forward to the last couple of books to come in.

I got a very nice call from a friend of mine from High School. We haven’t seen nor talked with each other since then. She lives just North of us, so we hope to get together and catch up.

Selena spend most of her day playing with her doll houses. It is always so sweet to listen to her move the people in and out of the houses making stories up as she goes along. She furnishes the houses with all her little pieces of furniture. I believe these are getting to be on of her favorite toys to play with.

Selena is truly excited to have her new school books as well, and is so excited to dig in and get started. We will when we get back from vacation. I wouldn’t want to start now to take a break to have to come back and catch up where we left off. She has looked through the books and believe me she loves it. She thinks it is so neat to have her very own math book, a book to learn how to write, another ABC activity book as she calls it, oh and she loves the idea of having an actual science book. I do believe this will be a great year for her as we proceed forward.

Anyway here’s to lazy Sundays, being a family around the house not really doing anything but spending time together.

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  1. It's always so much fun when the new books arrive - just like Christmas :)

  2. It's pretty neat that Selena is so excited about her school books. We had a very busy Sunday - we went sailing. So far I am staying very much on track with my July goals :)