Monday, June 14, 2010

Time Flies

3 years 6 months


The first 3 years of Selena’s life. When asked, “What is your favorite picture?” Selena’s response was, “My family.”


You have come so far my dearest Selena. You express yourself so well, like telling me to wait one minute until you are ready to have your picture taken. You definitely communicate what you want, how you want it, and when you want it, while using appropriate communication skills. You are getting a longer attention span and just love to sit and carry on conversations with Papa and I.

Even when we don’t think you are paying much attention while we are out in our world, you surprise us with finding letters or numbers everywhere, even finding sticks that appear to be forming letters or numbers, our little pile of ABC sticks is growing and growing as you find more. You look for something new all the time. When you find something new, you are quick to point it out to us, ask as many questions as you need to understand what you have found, or sometimes surprise us and tell us all about it. Sometimes we wonder where in the world do you learn all these things you are learning. You are such a sponge for information.

You become more confident in yourself and your abilities everyday. You are a very independent little girl, but one without a real stubborn streak. I like that fact that you except that not every situation calls for you to be totally independent yet, and that you still allow us to carry the reign when we need to. You are a kind and helpful person, always desiring to do what you can to assist those around you. No body has to ask you twice when there is a task to be done, except maybe here at home when it comes to picking up your toys.

It doesn’t seem possible that you are already 3.6 yrs old, and that in 6 months you will be 4. We both feel so proud of you, and are happy to no end to spend every day and every moment of watching you grow into such a beautiful little girl. Many Mamas and Papas don’t get this privilege of seeing their grandchild grow like we do, many watch from a distance, or have sporadic visits with their grandchild, but for us we wouldn’t trade places with any of these Mamas and Papas for the world. We have truly the best of both world’s being grandparents and parenting.


We love you Selena and look forward to what the next 6 months will hold.




Love, Mama and Papa

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  1. Oh no, if she's 3.6 months old that means Princess is too! How did she get that old?

    And ps: love that bottom picture of her and the water.

  2. It's a beautiful post. Selena is so lucky to have you in her life. I hope that she will stay healthy and thrive under your care.