Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been having to go through pictures of Selena’s Mom for the Genetic Specialist. It is so funny how simple pictures can just flood one with memories. I was looking for a picture of her mom when she was at the same age as Selena. I found this one.

kristi I still remember the day this picture was taken. Kristi was attending a pre-school called Kit Kat Kindergarten in Boise. When we arrived for her picture to be taken, she suddenly decided she didn’t want her picture taken and started to become clingy and even broke out into tears. We went on ahead and had my son’s picture taken, then just as we were getting ready to leave Kristi decided she did indeed want her picture taken. No comb on hand and her hair a mess, she just climbed up on the planter box and the photographer snapped the picture as fast as he could for fear she would change her mind.

Kristi2 I think that this picture truly shows how much Selena and her mom look alike. This one was taken at Christmas time when mom was 3 yrs, 10 mo. old. It’s been fun taking this walk down memory lane.

Kristi had a great disposition, much like Selena, she was always happy, but was more shy then Selena is. She loved to be cuddled, unlike Selena who will only occasionally climb up in our lap and want to be held, Selena prefers to just sit next to us. Kristi lacked a lot of skills even at this age, she was hardly talking, and boy could she disappear quickly. One minute she was right there at the front door, the next minute she was no where to be found. There were many times that I was franticly out searching for her. She struggled to play with toys, as she just didn’t know how to play with them, no matter how many times we showed her, she just never could catch on to the concept. My heart always hurt for her, as she didn’t have a lot of friends, as she just couldn’t play with other kids, this was not from a lack of social skills, but more from the fact she just couldn’t keep up and relate to the games the other kids played. In many ways while her and Selena look so much a like, they are like night and day as far as personality and abilities go. I often wonder if it had not been for the cord so tight around Kristi’s neck at birth, if she would have been identical to Selena in every way.

I get the biggest kick out of Selena though, as she looks at these pictures she has the hardest time understanding that these are not pictures of herself. She just assumes that all the pictures of her Mom when she was younger are pictures of herself. Someday she will understand.

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  1. This is a great post, with wonderful memories.

  2. Great walk down memory lane. Sammy is the same way with pictures of me ad a child he thinks its him :-P

  3. Princess has the same problem when looking at pictures of me at the same age.

    Loved this post, and I really did a double take when I saw the first picture of Kristi.

  4. It's amazing how much Selena looks like her mom. It's sad that Kristi had so many difficulties at birth and while growing up. I am hoping that eventually she mightcome back into your life and Selena's life.