Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Happy Sunshine Day


We woke up Saturday morning to the Sunshine. I thought a picnic was in order. What would a picnic be without cake for desert. Selena helped me mix the cake batter. My mixer is a very heavy mixer, so she had a little problems holding it. In fact I have a hard time holding it at times. For her first time mixing with the mixer she did very well, and enjoyed it. I also asked her what she thought would happen to this mixture in the oven? Selena looked at me funny, and waited patiently until I pulled the cake out of the oven.


Selena calls this her “Birthday Cake to the Sun!” I guess we need some candles but hey I don’t think we could fit enough on here for the actual age of the Sun, maybe just enough to count the number of days we have had GREAT sunny days this year…ummm 3 maybe 4!?


What would cake decorating be without a quick little taste? I went to grab the camera, and my last words were, “Selena keep your fingers out of the cake!” This is what I found when I came back out.

100_2974 Well, atleast the frosting got Selena’s taste of approval! What did we do after this? Well of course we headed out side, and played in the sun, and had a wonderful picnic dinner!

100_2982 Then we changed into some cooler clothes and headed out side. Selena had to make a musical instrument out of rocks and an empty water bottle. The bottle wasn’t empty until she dumped the water out to put rocks in it.

100_2984 She discovered that she could see her reflection in the back of my car. So she had to show off her musical skills. She also took this time to inform Papa and I that the clouds were playing Hide and Seek.

100_2991 It was getting pretty hot so we had to change into our shorts before riding the bike. She got so hot with the helmet on that I had to take it off and pour cold water over her head.




Then of course we had to finish our day off with a little water fun. It was pretty cold, the water that is, so this fun didn’t last long, but she had so much fun. It was a good day as a family on our home style picnic. We didn’t go any place fancy, we just stayed home, but it was one of the best picnics we’ve had.

We had a lot of science going on around here. Pop on over to Ticia’s at Adventures in Mommydom to see what others explored.

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  1. What a great day of exploration. So glad you finally got sun.

  2. Selena never has to look far for her science learning, reflections, clouds playing hide and seek, making a cake. I just love your post they always are fun to read.

  3. What a fun day in the sun - and all 5 senses got involved :) I can't wait until Anna is well enough to go to the pool and to sprinklers :)