Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Science/Magnifying Glass

We actually ended up with a nice sunny day on Saturday. We ventured out with our magnifying glass to see what we could find. My idea was to find bugs, but Selena had other ideas.

100_2938 She did spot some ants, and had to stop to investigate those. She discovered though that they move too fast to keep in sight of the magnifying glass.

100_2939 Oh and she had to check out the lens of the camera. Look how big her nose looks! Maybe that is what she wanted to see was how big her nose would be in the picture, I don’t know.

100_2940 Then she found a mole hill, she didn’t want to get too close though so she just examined it from a distance. It creeps her out when the ground starts moving so she doesn’t get too close. Though this was just a hill.

100_2941What would our exploration be, if we didn’t check out a rock?

100_2943  Ok, now the exploration was done so that we could sweep the grass and see if Papa missed anything during his mowing.

100_2948  Hey the broom makes a cool horse! She ran around on her horse for a long time, up and down the side walk and back into the yard. She is getting a pretty good gallop going too!

100_2949 Back to some exploring, Wow look how the light shines through the magnifying glass. This lasted about two seconds then she was off looking for ants again.

100_2951 She even got brave enough to pick one up! The funny thing about this is Friday we got a goofy fly in the house, Selena had a fit, she literally was scared to death of the fly. She didn’t like it flying into her bedroom and cried until it flew into the bathroom, when she needed to use the restroom, then she wouldn’t enter the restroom until I got the fly to go out the bathroom window. She just knew that fly would get her. At one point the fly flew at her and I thought she was going to jump out of her shoes, it was absolutely hilarious, but of course I bit my tongue and didn’t laugh too hard at her.  Selena didn’t hold this ant for very long once it broke away from her grasp, and started crawling onto her hand, she was done, and she was done even looking at the ants!

I suppose one could say after such a long rainy period, the sun was just way too nice to really take the time to do  any formal science lesson. It was all about play and exploration and having fun!

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  1. How nice to be able to get outside again!

  2. I'm glad you finally got a sunny day. It looks like she had fun exploring. Magnifying glasses are some of our favorite tools right now too.

  3. I love how Selena looks like she is having somuch fun! She is really good at using her magnifying glass.

  4. And now I get your comment about not being able to study bugs. They don't stay still very long.

    We put them in jars.