Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day Papa

Papa is so special to Selena, she absolutely adores him. To her Papa is the best Dad any little girl could have. When asked, “Why Papa is so special?” Selena responded with, “Papa plays with me, he reads to me, hugs and kisses me. My Papa loves me and I love him!” I don’t think any other words could describe what her Papa means to her. I will tell you, in my opinion it is not every man that will give up everything that Papa has given up to raise his grandchild, who will take the time to see that her every need and want, (within reason) is met. Does his best to help around the house, to take care of Selena so I can have a break, from time to time. Goes specifically to pick out and buy her clothes all on his own. He is truly the BEST Papa any little girl could ask for!

I had plans to have her make him a very nice Father’s Day card, we started on Thursday by making this pretty butterfly:

100_3017 I figured we would finish the card on Friday by mounting this on some card stock, but when Papa got home on Thursday Evening Selena couldn’t keep her little secret and just had to give Papa the little butterfly that evening. He thought it was the cutest card ever, then discovered it wasn’t a card at all.

On Friday I took her to the store and we picked out a card, and I explained that she had to keep this secret until Sunday Morning, when it was Father’s Day and explained that it was like Christmas when we kept all the little secrets. This time she did wait and didn’t tell Papa anything. She gave him the best gift ever though, as she wrote her name all by herself for the very first time. She has been practicing this for a long time now and could trace her name but never quite write it totally by herself until she signed Papa’s Father’s Day card.


This morning when Selena woke up, she wanted to run right in and give her card to Papa. I made her wait until at least 8:00, which was hard to do, but finally we went in and dove onto the bed and shouted out HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!

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  1. aww the butterfly is super cute! What a great father's day!

  2. awwww........ my kids can't keep a secret worth a darn either.

  3. How cute! Selena's handwriting is awesome. Happy belated Father's Day - I was traveling to Tel Aviv most of the day yesterday.