Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Today marks the official first day of Summer. I am beginning to think we will not have much of a Summer here. We woke up this morning after a cloudy, cool, and wet weekend to more of this.

100_3018 People are wearing their heavy coats and jackets, long sleeved shirts and pants. Our temperatures are in the lower 60’s and the rest of the week is suppose to be more the same with rain moving in on Friday.

A little look back to a year ago today you can see that Selena was wearing sun dresses, Papa was wearing short sleeve shirts, and it was sunny.

2009father'sday 002

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  1. We broke 100 recently, so I have a hard time understanding all this talk of winter coats.

  2. We had a couple of beautiful days, and then back to cold, and clouds - it was a strange spring. But, I'm sure one of these days, the sun is going to burst out, and it's going to be so hot, we'll be wishing for the rainy days again :)

  3. Hi Debbie, I've been pretty much offline for a week so I am only just catching up with you and Selena. I hope she is doing well and thanks for the detailed post about her health, I had vertainly never heard of that before!

  4. I hope sunny days will come to your part of the world too. I am still in Israel, and there is such a thing as too much sun - it was over 100 yesterday.

  5. We had a summer like that last year. I hope the sun shines for you soon!