Monday, May 3, 2010

Wind, Rain, Hail, Sun, and Rainbows

Today was a good day to just stay in, hunker down and do nothing. Oh we did play a lot of games, got a lot of housework done, and wrote a few letters.

The only thing we didn’t have today weather wise was snow. Oh they had mountains snow, but we had winds gusting at 40 + mph, along with rain and hail. Our once clean back yard is now a mess with tree branches that fell out of the trees, luckily none of them hit the house. At one point my front yard was red with the blooms from my rhododendron but not for long as the winds blew all those long gone up the street.

We played with our little town of houses, our musical instruments (recorder and harmonica) and of course Selena’s box. We read books. It was just a good day to stay in and forget what was going on outside. Selena wrote letters to Papa, I helped her with one, and by the time Papa got home she had wrote him 5 more, all rolled up and waiting on the couch for him to read when he got home. They all said the same thing “Hi” not just once but several times all over the page.

Until this evening when we looked out, the winds had calmed, the sun was shining more, and we had a beautiful rainbow in the sky. What a great way to end the day!

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  1. In some ways I love days like that, if I can stay inside..... Inside is the important part.
    But, man that's impressive weather.

  2. Sounds a little like our day (the weather was probably not as fierce though).

  3. We had some of that blow, and I mean BLOW in here in the afternoon yesterday - and we woke up to another dusting of snow. I think today will be our hunker down day :)

    I can't believe the box is still in one piece!

  4. What a weather! It's nice to know that you stayed nice and cozy inside. Anna also loves writing and delivering letters - it's always fun to watch.

  5. What a perfect stay inside day!!