Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What is Wrong

With these pictures?

Selena decided to get herself dressed with no help this morning. As the morning went along I didn’t give it much thought. Then we were getting ready to go to the store and I noticed something didn’t seem quite right.

100_2694 Something is missing on her shirt. I don’t remember her having a plain white shirt.

100_2695 Hmmm! We found it on her back! Do you know she refused to let me turn her shirt around.

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  1. yeah they won't let me turn it around either.

  2. Precious! My kids would do the same thing! I miss that....sniff...sniff...

  3. Oh how totally cute!!

    Hey- I just wrote a blog and I linked to your blog - I hope that's okay!! It's meant to be a compliment!

  4. LOL - at least she gave it a good try :)

  5. hehe love it! Sammy did something very similar the other day :-P