Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Update on Selena

We seen the Kidney Specialist today. Everything is fine there the one kidney is enlarged, which is expected under the circumstances of it being the only one and doing the work of two. Pretty much everything was the same, since the blood work looked good from her Pediatrician. She will only need to see the Kidney Specialist once a year for blood work, and ultrasound. There is no changes in diet. We will have to make sure anytime we take her to the Dr to have her blood pressure checked. Of course we will watch for unknown fevers, make sure she is well hydrated and doesn’t get constipated. Pretty much the normal things you watch for with any child.

Our next step now is to take her to the Cranial Facial Specialists and also they want to do Genetic mapping, to see if they can figure out what syndrome may have caused this. Basically the Cranial Facial team will either have things to do to correct the uneven facial feature, or just watch it for a while. The Genetic mapping will give Selena the information when she gets older, basically so she knows what to watch for should she choose to have children of her own.

These genetic tests may just shine some light into the unanswered questions I have always had about her mom as well.

Well, that is it in a nut shell. This does not change anything about Selena, she is just as healthy and strong as any other child. We do however want to thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts that you have sent our way during all of this.

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  1. oo what great news!!!

  2. Lots of good news, and it's good to hear there's nothing really wrong with her.

  3. I am so happy all went well with the kidney specialist. What a great early Mother's day present. Have a wonderful Day tomorrow.

  4. So glad everything went well!! Trips to specialists can be nerve wrecking. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. It's good to know that everything is as OK as can be under the circumstances. I hope that you will get some answers fort the future during your visit to the cranial specialists and geneticists as well.