Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunday Science/Fish

With the weather so beautiful, when asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day there really was only one answer, “Go explore more of the world around us.”

We had promised Selena that one day we would take her to the local fish hatchery, so that was where our day started. The fish hatchery is located near Lake Aberdeen, which is located not far from our home in the Olympic Mountains.

aberdeen1Aberdeen Lake is formed from the Aberdeen Dam on the Van Winkle Creek. 


This is the Dam spillway. There is a small foot bridge that you can walk across and get beautiful pictures from. It is a very unique experience, due to one side of this bridge is so quiet and serene with a great view of the lake, while suddenly the water becomes a rushing river way or creek on the other side. Selena thought this looked like steps, which really it does.

100_2713 From the top of the Dam you can look down onto the fish hatchery. There are stairs from the top of the Dam down into the fish hatchery, so of course we went down to get a closer look. We did find some little fish in some of the tanks, probably trout. 100_2720

The lake itself as you can see below is very beautiful. I think it would be a fun lake for boating. I would love to explore and see just how far the lake reaches back. We didn’t find much for trails, I am sure there are some we just didn’t see any from our first observations. We will return for further investigation at another time, as this trip we had more in store for Selena. 100_2726

100_2727 Our next stop was back up at Lake Sylvia, where we had been a few weeks ago and hiked around. We had some friends who went up to Sylvia Lake to fish, so this was another reason for our venture out. This time Selena got to observe fishing first hand. Here she is holding a real fish, and in the other hand is cheese, yummy what a combination.

100_2731 She got to  help reel in Kelly’s line. She had fun helping to hold the pole, and watching the bobber coming in. It only took showing her once how to reel in the line and she had it down like a little champ. She was surprised to find a worm on the hook, and looked a little puzzled. Though she had no problem getting another worm for further investigation.


She got to see Kelly catch a fish and watch as it was taken off the hook. She got to see salamanders swimming in the lake. In fact Kelly even caught one salamander. It definitely was a beautiful day to just be out at the lake, and great opportunity to teach Selena about fish.

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  1. What a cool experience. I'd love to take my kids to that.

    I hope she didn't confuse the cheese and the fish, that would be a nasty surprise.

  2. What a fun outing! We have that pond in our back yard and really have to get the kids out there fishing sometime soon.

  3. Great experience for Selena! Did she get to eat any of the fish?

  4. What a fun time!! Looks like Selena had a blast :-)

  5. How awesome! I bet Anna would have a blast with fishing too. Was Selena concerned about the fish ending up as someone's dinner?

  6. Oh, Selena is a lucky duck! We have been fishing since spring and haven't caught one thing but seaweed.