Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Little Mommy


We had the new Pastor and his family over for dinner tonight. From the minute they came through the door Selena was all over the baby boy. I was surprised when the mom let Selena hold him right from the very get go. They had hardly got in the door when she was showing Selena how to hold him. Selena enjoyed holding the baby, helping to feed him and just playing mother hen.

When Selena wasn’t fussing over the baby her and their 5 year old son. They played very contently with all of Selena’s new houses, tea set, Dr. set, and blocks. Selena has now made two new best friends.

We truly had a very nice dinner and visit. We are looking forward to getting to know this family even more.

When they got ready to leave, Selena tried everything to get them to leave the baby behind, she went as far as to fasten her two baby dolls into his car seat. She is definitely going to be a good little mommy.

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  1. I love watching little kids playing/holding little babies. It's just so cute. I have yet to meet a little kid who's not fascinated with babies.

  2. This is great that Selena played so well with someone younger and someone older than herself. She is a very social child. I hope you will become good friends with this couple.

  3. How sweet. That is too funny she thought they'd leave their baby behind. When Caroline was a baby, Caleb did not want her to go anywhere without him. I love how children just naturally love babies so much.

  4. Brianna is a little mommy too :)