Sunday, May 9, 2010

Delta Nine Bin Toy Box Review

When we got home from Olympia on Friday we had a surprise sitting on our front porch.

100_2707I asked Selena what she thought was in the box. She tried very hard to guess, and finally just said, “I don’t know!”

When contacted me to do a product review, I pretty much knew I wanted to get this Delta Nine Bin Toy Box since we have always had such a mess when it has come to Selena’s toys.

100_2708  This is how her toy area always has looked. Though she has always been very good about putting her toys away and keeping this corner as organized as possible, as you can see many times her toys were hard for her to find, due to lack of organization. She would dump the little bins out on the floor looking just for that one toy she.

100_1932 After we put the Delta 9 bin toy box together, Selena helped me to organize her toys. As you can see this looks so much more organized, and just in my opinion cleaner.


I do think from the following picture that Selena feels the same way.

100_2710My Over all Review

The entire bin system itself, was very easy to assemble.  The durability of the stand is in my opinion top rate. It is all wood, no plastic what so ever in the stand. The 9 bins are plastic. They too are durable and I believe will hold up for a long time. They do have stickered designs on the front of them, so we will see how long those stay on with Selena.

I think I imagined this to be a little larger when I looked at it at the store, but that is easy to do when shopping on line. Even though I read the dimensions on the site, I assumed it would be the size of others I have seen. Yet, it really is the perfect size for the area where we keep her toys. Any larger and I would have had to find a different area to put it by the way I did have another area in mind since I did think it would be larger. I guess you might say I am not disappointed one bit that it was smaller then I imagined.

Working with was a good experience. The only thing I didn’t care about, was that they do not email you a receipt for your purchase. You do have an option to print a receipt after ordering, which I found would not print. They do email you the progress of your purchase, when it is shipped, and approximate arrival date. You can also track your package using the UPS tracking code. I would say my over all experience was very good.

I would say if you are looking for quality toys, toy boxes, or anything else go check out. I believe with all the stores they  have, you will find what you are looking for at a good price, and from this item I would say the quality of their merchandise is good quality.

I did not receive any compensation for my review. The opinions expressed are my honest opinion.

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  1. very nice toy storage! I have looked into getting one of those but wasnt sure how many of Sammy's toys would be able to fit in there. Might have to give it a shot!

  2. I love all those pictures of Selena, she looks so happy with her new storage.

    I just bought a similar system for Princess for her clothes in her closet. It'll just have to wait until Jeff's thumb is better so we can clear the closet.

  3. This storage really looks very nice - I am glad that you found something that works. When Selena is older, it will probably also work well for her school supplies and homework.

  4. I am doing a giveaway from CSN stores later in the week. I am glad to hear that you had a positive experience with them. Selena looks so happy with her new storage bins.