Thursday, May 6, 2010

Preschool Corner/Weekly Update

This week has passed by so quickly, with little formal learning going on here. We’ve just enjoyed being very relaxed and playing.


Selena is insistent that she has 2 to 4 books by her bedside at night and nap time. She reads herself to sleep, and then lays and reads to herself for a bit right after she wakes up. Something rather funny happened though on Monday night. As she laid reading before falling to sleep, some how she lost her book between her bed and the wall. We are not sure if she started to dose off to sleep or what happened. We just found her screaming and so upset. She would not go to bed until we moved her bed and retrieved the lost book. Now this is kind of a chore as she has a platform bed, so the entire bed had to be moved. She has been very careful since to not lose her books.

We have wrote many letters this week. As I had said before right now Selena’s independent letters pretty much just say Hi, but it is a start to learning to make words. Selena is still having fun looking for letters in her new found hidden word puzzle book.



We looked at North Carolina this week. While Selena really was not in much of a mood for the lesson on Wednesday morning, she still just gleams over her Geography Book that she is making.




We dissected a rhododendron bud and found flowers and seeds. Selena found out that the bud was not a pineapple. I think we need to buy a pineapple since she seems to think anything shaped like that is a pineapple. She also discovered that not all leaves are lettuce or made for eating.



I realized this week we didn’t do anything in the area of Math. Selena did have fun though with her new found friends. We were very proud of her for being able to play with the 5 year old boy, while also desiring to hold and help feed the baby. She was very polite the entire time Pastor and his family were here.

We have had wacky weather, so we have not had much outside time. We have been able to observe some young bald eagles, and a rainbow almost every evening. We have had a lot of indoor fun with a lot of laughter and games.

100_2701 100_2702 We even had fun being frogs!


100_2704 And we had some bathtub aerobics!

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  1. Commenting now, because there's no way I'll be able to tomorrow. Really I'm procrastinating on getting done what I have to for Saturday, isn't that horrible? And it's like 20 minutes worth of work.

    Love the pictures of the bath tub aerobics, that cracked me up, and somehow my kids have never really come up with the idea of being a frog like that. Plenty of other animals, but not a frog. Kind of funny.

    Seriously, those random limbs are just too funny. I can just imagine what was going on at your house.

  2. Selena sounds just like Anna - I also wrote this week how she reads herself to sleep. I am amused with Selena's posing for camera - too funny, she is such an active girl.

  3. Good idea to dissect the flower! And i love the bathtub aerobics, haha!

  4. I have an award for you -

  5. Looks like another great week! Loved the bath time aerobics...too fun! I came from the Homeschool Creations link up!