Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is It Me???

Before I begin this post I want you all to know I am not talking about any of my blogging friends, or anyone in the blogging world at all.

A friend of mine met a mom a week ago, who told her about a homeschool support group here in our area. This mom was so excited as the number of preschoolers were growing and the direction of this group was beginning to move into a direction to accommodate more for this age group. Knowing that I have been looking for something like this my friend contacted me with the information.

It took me a while to find a contact person. I heard only one time from this person and was directed to their page on FB. I took the time to introduce myself and Selena to the group and asked about the next meeting, which is by invite only. Do you know I have not heard a thing from any of them. Not a “Hi, Nice to meet you.” Not a “We’re sorry but the age of your granddaughter is too young, or we are not excepting new members.” No, nothing, they have said nothing to me at all.

You know the truth being, I don’t really care about going to a meeting and leaving my child at home with Grandpa. Meetings are just that meetings, suppose to have an agenda, and sometimes they are great and sometimes they are gossip sessions. I however was hopeful to find some local families who shared the same interests as us in the field of homeschooling who had a desire to do activities together to enhance their children’s education experiences.

Well, I am finished boring my readers with my bit of a rant here. I am just happy that I have all of you to share with, and bounce ideas off of. We may or we may not find a group of homeschoolers here in our area that we can join with, but that doesn’t matter, as I know we will see that Selena has everything she needs.

Oh by the way I just received a email that has Jump Start for the Wii. They have one for 19.95 for 3-6 yr olds and one for 19.95 for 5-9 year olds. These sound very similar to the one’s I have seen reviews on for the computer games, but they go for the Wii. I know I am going to check them out more as I would much rather have Selena doing something on the Wii, then sitting at the computer. I will keep you informed….hmmm maybe a review might be coming!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Wii Jumpstart game - we'll be checking that one out!

    As to the support group - I don't know about everyone else, but I think joining in with a group of strangers can be very difficult. Just because we're all homeschoolers, does not mean we'll get along. It's so much easier, to know the people first, and then decide to have a play group, or support group.

  2. How about doing a search in Yahoo (type in homeschooling & your county or city under groups). Both homeschool groups we are in I found through Yahoo. Most of the time Yahoo groups tend to be free and it's a great way to connect with other homeschoolers. Like today our group did a tour of the animal shelter. Maybe activities like that maybe fun for you guys. Just a suggestion. :) Nicole

  3. Thank you for your suggestions about searching through Yahoo. I have already done that, and also went through our State Homeschool Organization. Our area just does not have all the resources a larger area has. I will say though that I did hear from someone in the group after posting this. How ironic? I believe this to be the only group in our area, from what I am hearing from other homeschoolers I have contacted.

  4. It could be that the group has no clear leader, so everyone is just hoping that someone else will respond. We have the same problem at work sometimes - we get an email and everyone thinks that someone else is better qualified to answer the question. I hope that you will be able to join other homeschoolers that live close by.

  5. I tend to agree that it could be that reason, everyone else thinks someone has replied....which still is sad.

    However it appears is a very common occurrence in the homeschool world. I run quite a large network (about 60 children, large for Oz) and I have had several families tell me their similar stories.

    I always make a point to remind myself and my committee what it feels like to be a) a new homeschooler b) new to the area c) new to our group. I honestly believe that most don't do those things deliberately that just forget a few simple points.

    One other thing is I think that over time a small group becomes close and they are happy with that and it is difficult for the group to allow a new person into that circle so to speak. Not that they may not want new members, just that the process is slow, it takes time to fit in and get to know people and it has to come from both sides. The long term members and the new member both need to make the effort.

    I personally feel that a great support network is imperative to the long term happiness for both home schooled children and home schooling parents (which is why I started my own, I couldn't find one I was happy with). We just began as a simple playgroup with park meet ups once a week and over the last 2 years it has grown to a fully fledged operating co-op offering many delightful classes and activities.

    It has been my saviour, both myself and my children have made lifelong friendships through it...but I am now rambling lol!!!

    I would suggest one more try with an email/post and if no response consider your options of other groups or the viability of starting something small yourself...just my two cents worth. :)

  6. I'll echo what others have said, they might just be disorganized and not gotten back to you. That's my theory.

    I still haven't hear back from the one I applied to a while back, I need to try and follow up with them to see what is happening.

    I just saw that email from Jump Start as well, and from the graphics I saw on it it looks like the same game. I'm debating on whether or not we'll get it because my kids are loving having a game for them on the computer, but Princess might play it if it's on the Wii..... I don't know, we'll see where we end up going.

  7. I dont like it when people act that way.. At least give you a response! The jumpstart for the wii sounds awesome.. def. going to have to look into that!

  8. Sorry the group was so rude. I'm on a Yahoo groups list for Lewis and Thurston County Homeschoolers ( and people have posted requests to have park days and there are a lot of posts about other functions (lego group at the library, etc.). Not sure if you are in Thurston county but there might be groups for other counties.