Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Geography/History #17


We were a little tired this morning after our busy day yesterday. We did take a look at North Carolina this morning though. I believe we will revisit this State maybe over the weekend as Selena just didn’t seem to attentive this morning.

Julie’s kids C and M from Just Playing Around sent Selena a couple of postcards from North Carolina. Selena got a kick out of the fact one said Merry Christmas on it. I explained that this is because we have done our postcards out of order, and she was fine with that.



Selena found the State of North Carolina but with a bit more difficulty this morning. Again don’t ask me why she chose the color purple. Last week her purple crayon broke, I meant to throw it in a separate box for a project down the road. She insisted on using her smaller crayon for today’s coloring. I think that is why it ended up purple.

NC2 As you can see she wasn’t really very attentive so we didn’t learn a lot of facts about North Carolina. We did discover that the Bird is a Cardinal, the Mammal is a Gray Squirrel, the drink is Milk, (Selena chuckled over that) and a couple other facts. She did like the fact stated on one of the postcards that the Ocean waters are warm and the kids can swim there.

Share with us what you are learning in your home for Geography or History. We would love to come and visit. Please link your exact post below and we will be by.

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  1. I am really looking forward to experience more North Carolina eventually, since our best friend plans to move there next year. He always makes it sound like a wonderful place to live, except that he doesn't like "locals" :)

  2. That's funny that I wrote Merry Christmas on it! I can't believe it was that long ago that this whole postcard swap started. Thanks again for doing it. Purple is one of M's favorite colors so I'm sure she'd be happy to know Selena colored her state that color.

    Natalie, there aren't many real locals where we live!

  3. Warm ocean waters - that would be a change from Washington :)

  4. I have been to NC a few times... my dad's whole family still lives there! the beaches are lovely!

  5. Milk cracked me up as well, so I'm with Selena on finding it amusing. I always find things like state drink funny.