Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toys My Child Actually Plays With

Adriana at My Bilingual Boys hosts this carnival so that we can share the toys our children actually play with.

I am featuring two toys that Selena usually has out and plays with on a regular basis.

100_2569 Selena loves her doctor set. This kit has a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, thermometer, band aide, and the scope for checking ears. She received this for Christmas, before she got this toy she use to play imaginary, which she still does at times but this is among one of her favorite toys. In this picture she was examining Papa’s feet. She examines every part of us with this kit, and yes, her dolls get good health check ups as well.

100_2581 This Mathematical Monkey was a Goodwill find. I have never seen another one like it. The question mark turns it on. The monkey then asks simple mathematical equations from 1 through 10. Selena on occassion gets the right answer, but she loves to cuddle up with me and have me help her solve the problems. This has also been a fun game for her in the car, other then at times it is hard to hear from the front seat if she doesn’t have it positioned just right. She has had this toy now for 2 years and it has not lost its charm.

To share what your children play with or discover what other children are playing with visit My Bilingual Boys.

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  1. We haven't had much luck with speaking toys - especially the ones with buttons on their tummies. But, pretend play kits are always a big hit with the little ones.

  2. I have yet to find a doctor kit I want to buy, isn't that sad? I know there's a bunch of really great ones out there, but I just haven't seen them. But, I'm still looking.

  3. We have pretty much the same kit, and Anna loves it. Usually she extends the game into giving out prescriptions, making medicine and dispensing it. It's a great tool for pretend play.

  4. Any toy that hasn't lost it's charm after 2 years is a great toy!! And here you found it at Good Will. So just think, that toy blessed another child before Selena! Pretty good life for a toy, eh?
    Great post- thanks!

  5. We love to play doctor around here too! Love the math Monkey, I'll be on the look out for him!!

  6. Our doctor's kit is a huge hit here too! That monkey looks like a great find. I love toys that are fun for multiple age levels. Thanks for linking up!