Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Must

How many of you struggle with the seatbelt idea with your children? I know we have had a few struggles with Selena playing with her seat belt, wanting to take it off, or complaining about it. We have two car seats, while Selena would prefer to be in the “Big Girl” car seat she will not keep the seat belt on. So she is still in the convertible car seat which I know isn’t as comfortable for her anymore.

A good friend and blogger Dyslexic Different Thinking Me had this video posted on her blog this morning. I had Selena watch it with me. At first she was mesmerized by it and didn’t catch the theme. We then played it again and I pointed out the main theme of the video, she has been running around now since playing seat belts. My hopes is seeing it from this point of view she will decide seatbelts are a good thing.

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  1. I watched this video again this morning, but this time with Kaiden. He was mesmerized. Goodness but it's moving!! I'm so glad you put it on your blog too. Blessings my friend!

  2. Interesting - I found it a bit hard to understand, but it's well done. We have never had a problem with seat belts - in fact, Anna always makes sure that everyone is buckled up. She is our "safety girl".

  3. We haven't really had a problem with the kids, but Jeff occasionally doesn't want to wear it if he's in the back seat. I'm a firm believer in them because if not for my Mom's seat belt she would have died when I was 20 in a car accident. So, I firmly believe in seat belts, and I love this ad.