Thursday, April 22, 2010

PreSchool Corner/Week in Review

We’ve enjoyed a pretty good week here. We started out with Selena’s first remembered visit to the dentist. She wasn’t sure of this event, but I was very proud of the way she handled her emotions and used appropriate words and behavior rather then having a melt down.


Selena was very interested in playing Boggle Jr. this week. She keeps surprising me as we move to the 4 letter words. When asked what two vowels were needed to make the word wood, she responded with two O’s make the ooooo sound. This is something we haven’t even touched on yet. I will give credit for her knowledge building on some of the letter blends and vowel combinations to a show on PBS that she is permitted to watch while I am cooking dinner these days. The show is “The Electric Company.” On my first viewing of the show I thought it would be way over Selena’s head, but after viewing it with her several times, I could see where she was picking up the concepts of useful tools for reading that we have been able to focus on together to reinforce.

She continues to read her little books, and is expanding her vocabulary as she moves forward in her reading adventure. She now randomly picks a book and begins to read, if she comes across a word she doesn’t know she just looks at me and we sound it out together.

She is still experimenting with her new found love of writing. She writes many letters and a few numbers independently, and often surprises herself when she suddenly writes a new letter all by herself.


I must admit we were a little weak in the math area this week. Though we did start talking about how many make up a pair. When asked to find three pairs of shoes, Selena quickly did just that. We discussed why it takes two shoes to make a pair and how many shoes we had all together, then we even counted a little by twos.


We revisited the experiment with milk, food coloring, and dish soap but this time we used oil instead of dish soap and had a much better result.

100_2521 100_2524


Selena still enjoys studying the States of America as she phrases it. This week we looked at the State of Texas. She still amazes me over how quick she can locate the State on the map, and how her coloring skills keep improving. I also love the observations that she makes either by comparing the State to our State, or the flags. Now Selena tells me that she lives and gives her full street address, Montesano, Washington 98563, United States of America, North America, on the planet Earth. Now that is a mouth full, glad we don’t have to use that as our mailing address!



Selena is enjoying art more all the time. She is often found just sitting with her crayons and paper coloring. She still loves to cut and we are often picking up all her little cut up scraps. I surprised her this week with scratch art. She enjoyed this so much and was amazed to find all the colors hidden under the black.



We were so glad when we were able to enjoy some outside time together on Sunday as a family and learn a little history about our area at the same time. While the path we were on was still muddy from the Spring run off from the Olympic Mountain range, and Selena sunk in a few places one place clear up to her ankles, we still had a great time.

100_2543 walk

I spent some time going back over my blog and found so many pictures that I just love that truly represent the growth in Selena. I know this collage does not do it justice here on my blog and I don’t know if by clicking on it you will still get a big enough picture to give it justice, but I am posting it anyway. Selena you have come a long way!

Favorite Photos

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  1. I liked Electric Company when I was little, but haven't checked out the new version with the kids - sounds like we need to.

  2. Oh my, some of those pouty faces...... That's quite a look.
    We tried Electric Company once or twice, but never quite got into it, maybe now that they're older they might like it more. At the time they weren't willing to watch because it wasn't animated.

  3. It looks like a great week. We didn't do much for math here either, since we tried to spend a lot of time outside. I mean - we keep counting things, but we didn't really do any formal classes for a while. It's awesome that Selena likes to write. Anna still has very little interest outside of writing her own name.

  4. Must not have been a math week because we didn't do much math either! What a fun week!

  5. I have been a no comment reader of your for some time. Keep up the good work.

  6. Great week! That is wonderful that Selena is doing so well with her reading.