Monday, April 19, 2010

Secret to Keeping Bow In

This post is actually for Ticia. This is the little secret I use to keep Selena’s bows in her hair. I hope my pictures turned out well enough for you to see and understand. It is hard to take pictures and do this at the same time.

100_2559 I start out with a simple pony tail.

100_2560 Just above the pony tail I part the hair in half and stick my finger and thumb up through the part. Then pull the pony tail up and grabbing it with my thumb and finger pull it through the part.

100_2561 Tighten the hair band. You can see this makes two ridges on either side of the pony tail.

100_2562This is hard to see, but I use those ridges to attach the bow to. Now I use bows that are on barrettes. 

100_2563 And that is how I manage to keep a bow in Selena’s hair. The ridge and the hair band now becomes the base which holds the barrette in place.

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  1. Okay, that totally makes sense! Now to convince her to let me put the pony tail in. I am going grocery shopping and the like today, and I am so buying something cute to convince her to let me put it in. It'll probably have to be a Princess thing.

  2. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the secret :)