Monday, April 19, 2010

The Shy Bug

I didn’t think Selena had a shy bug in her at all. She has always been so warm, friendly, and outgoing. In fact there have been times that I wished she was a little shy towards strangers.

She had to go to the Dentist today. She got a good case of nerves and kept trying everything in her power to get me to take her home. When it came her time to go back to see the Dentist she showed a side of herself I have never seen before. She wasn’t going to smile or open her mouth for the little hygienist at all. But a little bribery with a new toothbrush did the trick!

100_2565 They then bribed her with two tokens for two toys out of a machine they have by the front door so that she would let the Dentist look at her teeth. The funny thing was though when he gave her the little mirror so she could check it out before examining her teeth, she grabbed it put it in her mouth and opened up as wide as she could. I laughed, and said if we would have just done that from the get go, we probably wouldn’t have had all the bribery to go through.

Now we just have to buy her water with fluoride in it, since our water system does not fluorinate our water, and besides that we don’t drink our tap water, it is way to chlorinated. For those of you wondering, the fluoride drops make Selena sick, she literally gets sick the minute they hit her stomach, so no the drops are not an option for her.

The report was, no cavities! Back in 6 months and they hope to get x-rays and maybe a little cleaning in.

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  1. Wow, your dentist office definitely knew how to deal with young kids. At least Selena got over her initial reluctance. We didn't go for our dental exam yet - Lars keeps pushing it off. We probably need to do fluoride as well - I have never even tried the drops yet.

  2. Loved hearing about your dental experience for Selena! A good reminder to me that I need to get Kaiden in for his 1st exam. I hope it goes as well as yours did ~ I'll remember the mirror trick!

  3. oo glad she was able to get a good visit in after she got over being nervous :-)

  4. ugh, we're going soon too, and I am not looking forward to it. I'm setting a brave face for the kids, but really........ So don't want to go. Will he bribe me?