Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature Hike #1 2010

We were very blessed today with the most beautiful day. We decided to take Selena for a Nature Hike at Lake Sylvia which is just a mile from our home.

100_2534 We have a huge push to save this Lake and prevent it’s closure. It is such a beautiful place, with fishing year around and trails in all directions. Besides picnic areas, there is a swimming area and also camping above the lake.

Some History: In 1871 this spot was homesteaded by a man who used the swift waters of this creek for a water operated saw mill. In 1909 there was a Dam built on the lower end creating Lake Sylvia. The Dam was used for water and power for our little town of Montesano. The operations of the Dam were demolished in the 1930’s and was donated to the State for a State Park.




100_2543 100_2545

We found a lot of beautiful Cedar and Alder, oh I am sure there were other types of trees as well. One of the things I have always loved over here is the lovely ground cover of ferns. We examined moss on the trees, stumps, and Selena was impressed by how the trees formed a natural canopy over our trail.

We found an animal print in the mood which I believe is from an Elk. We found a slug, which Selena thought was pretty cool and wanted to bring  home, I guess you know that didn’t happen.

100_2554 100_2553 100_2556 I know I kind of cut Papa’s head off in this picture, but this is my favorite picture of all, Selena and Papa enjoying the beautiful world around us. Yes, and what would a nature hike be without a walking stick?

Selena also got to see someone catch a fish. She was kind of confused over that. But she did stand there and watch him bring the fish in and take it off the hook. I wondered what was going on in her head as she stood there in complete silence.

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  1. Awwww, what a wonderful history that park has, and how cool that you actually know it.
    I do that all the time to Jeff when he's walking with the kids, poor guy he is often headless in photos.

  2. How nice to have such a lovely spot so close to home!

  3. Just beautiful! Spring is such a wonderful time to get outdoors. I love how kids of all ages always seem to find a walking stick.

  4. What a fun nature hike! I need to get out soon with Sammy! Glad you guys had so much fun!

  5. What a beautiful place full of wonderful history! I love this kind of family activity!!
    Ya know, when I caught my first fish and my Dad was taking the hook out of it's mouth, I asked: "Does it hurt the fish Daddy?" To which he replied, "Well how would you feel with a hook in your mouth?" (He was usually a very gentle man, but he was having a lot of trouble with my 3 older rambunctious brothers that day.) I never fished again.
    Selena's response to seeing a fish caught reminded me of that episode in my life!

  6. This is so great that you have such a beautiful natural area so close to your home, and Selena gets to grow with those hikes. Anna is very interested in fishing - she is generally a predator girl and doesn't seem to be too bothered with the fact that humans hunt and fish. In fact, she keeps saying that she wants to go fishing too. I don't know - I liked fishing as a child, but Lars would rather become a vegetarian first before he goes fishing or (even less) hunting.