Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preschool Corner/Weekly Update

We have enjoyed a week of just exploring the creativity of Selena. Watching her grow and learn in her natural play and curiosities.


100_2621 Selena has had a lot of fun working with her puzzles and creating her own stories this week. Not only that but she continues to read independently in many of her little books. She is really picking up the rhyming concept, and is able to listen to a list of words and come up with another word that fits into the rhyme family, such as boat, coat, float, and she will add goat. She is beginning to tell me which vowels go together in 4 letter words to make certain sounds in word families. We are having fun playing Boggle Jr these days and she seldom wants to do 3 letter words much anymore. She constantly asks to build words with the dice from Boggle Jr. or some letter tiles that we have. She is able to successfully build many words 3 letter and 4 letter words on her own.


100_2639 Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who do we appreciate? Selena might not have gotten the concept of counting by two’s this week, but she has memorized this little cheer! She continues to love to play with her pattern blocks, and is able to tell me how many of each shape and color is needed to build a puzzle. Math is truly becoming a part of her every day as she becomes more aware of time, measurements, and counting, distributing equal parts among us, or her toys.


100_2582We had fun in Science this week, by dissecting this new growth branch from a fern.  Selena is becoming so observant and I just love how her little mind thinks during our science. She makes great comparisons, and loves to learn something new all the time. The back seat of my car right now holds her collection of rocks and her walking stick. They won’t be there much longer but that is where they are at for now.


100_2638 Selena had so much fun building many little towns, and cities with her little houses this week. Sorry for the blurry picture, I don’t know why it turned out this way. She will spend a good half hour playing in her bedroom with this set. We sit and listen to her giggle, talking and pretending the whole time. Of course she loves it when I go in and play with her as well.


100_2587 Selena continues to work on her letters and numbers. She is often found just doodling and writing all sorts of letters or numbers. I am not pushing her to apply herself at this time, as she is only 3 and I believe we have plenty of time to work on penmanship, but she is learning these letters just from observing them in her books, and from watching us write.

This has been a great week with Selena, she has grown up so much this week. She decided she didn’t need a pull up at night anymore, and has had dry nights since she made this decision. She has also given up the climbing stage she was going through. She hasn’t climbed on anything this week. That has been a huge relief, as she was really starting to scare us with some of her climbing antics. She isn’t even jumping on the furniture like she had been there for a while. We have had to resort to buckling her back into her booster seat for meals as she does want to climb down and run around mid meal time, but she doesn’t complain and actually loves the fact that she can buckle herself in.

We are so pleased with how appropriate she is handling herself in new situations. She is accepting our rules and guidelines with little whining or melt downs. She is able to express her likes and dislikes in a very sweet affirmative manner, but very appropriate. It’s been nice to slip back into a mode where discipline, and correction is not a major part of our day. In fact here in the last week, we have hardly had to correct or use any type of discipline on Selena. Are we moving from the terrific 3’s? I am not holding my breath, but I certainly hope this pattern continues.

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  1. Congrats on her deciding to be dry at night. The boys are still struggling with that.
    My kids would collect a whole lot of stuff in their pockets if I'd let them every time we went to the park.

  2. It's another great week with bright and cheerful Selena. Sometimes we joke here that Anna clearly has PMS already. About one week every month she tries all kinds of testing and overall cranky. Then she is back to her cheerful and compliant self. Maybe we should start charting it :)

  3. Great week! Yay on staying dry at night.. we need to start encouraging that soon. Now that we are accident free 99% of the time I think it would be a good time to start on that!

  4. I should teach Connor the 'Two, Four, Six, Eight, Who do we appreciate?' rhyme! And thats great she stopped using a pull-up at night! I cant wait till Connor is at that point and he can be diaper free!

  5. What a great week! It is absolutely wonderful that she is doing so well with her reading :)

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) It's been fun linking up for the first time and "meeting" other Moms. It looks like you had a fun week!

  7. Good idea on using the cheer for counting by twos...why didn't I think of that??? :)