Thursday, April 29, 2010

Papa Teaching

We Play

I am not the only one who teaches Selena. Papa gets in on the fun as well. Many evenings he is found working with Selena with her doodle pads, reading library books with her, listening to her make up stories for him, counting with her, and just fun play.

Another great present that Selena received from our friends were three puzzles. One is of the United States, which we haven’t pulled out just yet. These two though, Selena has had so much fun with. Papa got in on the fun as well.


100_2663100_2655 Selena does better on the one with the small children shapes then she does with the butterfly puzzle. These are Lauri puzzles, should you like to try to find them. We have depended on Lauri puzzles for all of our early learning puzzles. I love both of these as they build comparison skills. While each piece is different there are certain similarities that make the child really have to think and compare shapes. Sometimes on the people they will have the right arm in the air or the right leg stretched out, while another piece will be just the opposite. Selena does very well at figuring out which piece goes where.

Then there is always time for fun play time!

100_2648 100_2650 Then it was Papa’s turn!

100_2651 I enjoy the fact that Papa takes so much time with Selena, and that they enjoy learning and play together. I know that Selena loves it as well, and I know she really benefits from having a Papa who desires to take that precious time with her.

Child’s play is one of the best learning tools we have, play along and learn at Childhood 101.

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  1. It's great that papa enjoys spending time with his precious granddaughter. I always enjoy watching Anna and Lars engrossed in play - especially when they are building something from Lego together. Those puzzles look really nice!

  2. so cute! I love Lauri puzzles and toys!!

  3. That box has really turned out to be a great toy!

    How wonderful for Selena to have both of you :)

  4. How happy your daughter is, playing with her Papa. I love those puzzles and don't know the Lauri brand, must try and find it here is Australia.
    Thank you for linking to We Play, it is so nice to meet new bloggers who share this parenting journey.

  5. How precious!! What a blessing for Selena!! I love the picture where they are doing the puzzle together.

  6. I don't think he fits as well.
    But, what wonderful pictures to cherish later on.

  7. Those puzzles look fantastic. And I love the play with the empty box.

  8. That is so great that Papa and Selena like to play and learn together. I love that pic of them doing the puzzle!

  9. Empty boxes = hours of fun :)