Friday, April 30, 2010

What My Child is Reading

While we were at the library Selena came across some stuffed dinosaurs in the play area. She was so excited and came to show them to me. She then went to the librarian and very politely asked if they had any books on dinosaurs. Of course the librarian took us right to the books. We got them home and proceeded to read them to discover that Selena thought she was going to bring home the stuffed dinosaurs and could have cared less about the books. She insisted that I take her back to the library to get the stuffies (her name for stuffed animals).

We didn’t dwell to deep into these first three books as Selena’s interest faded fast. She loved going through the books and calling out the names of the dinosaurs that she knew but refused any sort of reading.

Dinosaurs I Wonder Why Dinosaurs by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries would be a great book to sit down and explore all kinds of interesting facts about dinosaurs. It is filled with questions most kids would ask, and then under half page flaps lay the answers. The illustrations are nicely done. I would recommend adding this book to any dinosaur study.

Where to Look for a Dinosaur

Where to Look for a Dinosaur by Bernard Most would be another book I would recommend for a dinosaur study. It explains where different dinosaur fossils have been found.

DinosaurRoar Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Stickland is a cute read in my opinion but Selena informed me it was too easy.

What is a Grandma to do?

To salvage our week of reading, I quickly sorted through a box of books that Selena had just received and found quite a few beginner readers. Now Selena was as happy as a lark!

DannyandtheDinosaur Finally a dinosaur book that was a hit! Danny and the Dinosaur by Sid Hoff, was a hit with Selena. It is a story about a little boy who visits a museum to discover dinosaurs there, he wishes one was a live to play with and his wish comes true. They go on many adventures throughout the day. My first thought was this book might be a little too lengthy for Selena, but her attention span has developed so much the last few weeks that she still wanted more books.

Whatisaprincess What is a Princess a step into reading book was a fun book to read with Selena. It asks questions such as: What is a princess? Then the answer A princess is kind. Selena really put herself in the shoes of the princess, informing me that she was kind, always gives kisses.

FancyNancy Fancy Nancy at the Museum by Jane O’Connor made it onto Selena’s favorite book list. Most of you know how the Fancy Nancy adventures go, this one is no exception to any of the the Fancy Nancy series.

Charlotte'sWeb Wilbur Finds A Friend, Charlotte’s Web is a shorter version of Charlotte’s Web. At first Selena wasn’t to sure if she liked the story, but the more we read, the more interested she got. I don’t think she quite understood from this short version that the spider wrote the words “Some Pig” in the web, so I think I will see if I can find the movie for her to watch. She did enjoy the illustrations and did ask me to read it several times.

I discovered that while Selena loves dinosaurs, the whole unit type study is not her thing. I guess I already knew that, and this explains why we moved away from unit studies. Selena did have fun with the dinosaur books as she looked through and correctly pronounced all the different names of the dinosaurs, she even told me a few facts she knew about who were plant eaters and who were meat eaters, but that is all she cares to know at this time.

We did end up having a great week in reading though, and I was thrilled to see Selena wanting more out of her books and moving on towards the lengthier ones.

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  1. We have never read any of the Danny and the Dino books. I will have to look for them at the lib. I remember then from when I was little. Looks like you guys had great week of reading.

  2. I loved Dany & the Dino when I was little! I agree with the Selena, they have the cutest stuffed animals at the library.

  3. My kids go back and forth on Danny and the Dino, but they would love those first few books you highlighted. And of course Princess would love the Disney books.

  4. I can't remember if it's Danny and the Dino we have, or the one with the Seal, but I know I liked those books when I was a child :)

  5. We have Danny and the Dinosaur, and I plan to dig it out for our joint reading this week. Anna really liked Whales and Dolphins from the same I Wonder Why series, but like Selena she is not terribly interested in memorizing various facts. In fact, she is mostly interested in T-Rex and in a couple of other dinosaurs and doesn't care about the rest.

  6. C just got to the point of being able to read Danny and the Dinosaur. There are others with those characters so you should check them out. M loved that princess book, of course, when we got it from our library. Neither of my kids has ever shown interest in dinosaurs so I don't know that we'll ever do a unit on dinosaurs!

  7. We enjoyed reading about your Dinosaur book picks this week. I remember Danny and the Dinosaur.