Thursday, April 8, 2010

Preschool Corner/Week in Review

Even with everything going on here, we maintained a great school week. On top of everything going on I received notice for Jury Duty for next month. I love the county we live in though, I called and explained everything that is going on, and they deferred my Jury Duty until next year. That was a relief!


We read a lot of books this week, and Selena went back through all her High 5 magazines. We also did some review work on our Progressive Phonics, to reinforce some of the trouble spots she has been having in her independent reading. We will start next week with Intermediate Progressive Phonics. I am still very proud of Selena’s progress in reading and she never ceases to amaze me over the new words she is learning to read and recognizing or pronouncing all on her own.


This weeks Science experiment truly was science and math wrapped up in one. We worked on measuring. Selena runs around and measures everything in site using both Standard and Nonstandard units.

100_2339 100_2342 Selena is using the concepts of Big, Medium, Small  along with Big, Bigger, Biggest and Small, Smaller, Smallest in so many different aspects of play and comparison daily.


Selena is just amazing when it comes to her Geography. She just loves when I announce it is Geography day. I love how easy it is for her to locate the States we are looking at on the blank map just by seeing it once in our atlas. She definitely knows where her home state is and will show you right from the get go. This week we looked at California. That evening Selena sat down with Papa and showed him her US map and told him correctly every State we have studied.

California 100_2354


I am so happy to be adding this section now. Selena is exploding with her desire to learn how to write. New letters are being discovered daily that she is able to write all by herself, and with each one she gets so excited.

100_2355 100_2356 Not only is Selena discovering the alphabet but she is even trying to learn to write her numbers. I got a kick out of her trying to make her sixes, she didn’t see it as a continuous line but a line and a circle, but hey it is a start!


Selena also enjoyed using my finger as her pencil on her glow doodle pad. She made several letters with my finger.

100_2359 100_2360 100_2363 I tried to get a picture of her hand guiding my hand to make these letters. Do you know how difficult it is to have her using your finger as a pencil and try to take pictures?


This picture got thrown in as I just loved the expression on her face!


She had so much fun with art this week. She loves to draw stick people, but they all have to have their clothes put on them. The other night she was even drawing shoes on them. I didn’t get pictures of these as we were just having fun on her Doodle pad.

She enjoyed making this mosaic with the colored foil from some Easter candy. Now let me tell you Michael thought I was nuts when I told him DO not tear the foil when you open the candy. It was hilarious to watch him try to open the candy to eat it and not tear the foil. Hey, I seen art!


We haven’t been outside at all this week. Our Spring weather has been a mixture of rain, wind, and hail or as Selena called it this morning, popcorn. We hope the weather is nice for the daffodil parade on Saturday though.

To see what others are doing with their preschoolers visit Homeschool Creations, and hey while your there share with us what you are doing.

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  1. I really loved the expression in the one photo...she looked like she was surprised that you were there.

  2. What a wonderful week! I still didn't get a single thing accomplished this week.. I didn't plan and therefore didn't do any planned activities. I have time set aside tomorrow to plan out next week!

  3. I hope you post about the daffodil parade - that sounds like great fun!

  4. Now see I just try not to tear it because that amuses me, not anything to do with anything else.
    And I'm with you that expression on her face.....

  5. I love all the pictures - Selena is a beautiful child. It's great that she is so interested in handwriting and in other school activities. I hope that you will have a better weather soon and will be able to spend more time outside.

  6. Such a great week- so many different subjects!