Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a Few Odds & Ends

Look what I found on my camera today when I went to download the pictures of our Geography lesson:

100_2350 I was informed this is the piano



These both are off the TV, from Between the Lions


Isn’t that a lovely shade of carpet we have in our home?

This month is proving to be a very challenging month for me. As many of you know we found out that Selena only has the one kidney. This brings point in hand why I disconnected the Internet when I was diagnosed with the cancer. As I look more and more up about these conditions dealing with children and kidney problems, and no I can’t find anything just about a child having one kidney, it all has to go into renal failure. Well I did find a medical center back East that does have information about Chronic Renal Failure, which I believe is what they would place Selena under. I know that sounds horrible, but no it is not, it is just a term used for a child that has one kidney or a chronic condition involving the kidneys, but not putting them in the category of Complete Renal Failure.

Anyway as I am reading this I read such things as frequent urination is a problem to be checked and watched for. Great, the last couple of days Selena has started having a lot of accidents. I have to gather myself, remind myself that it is not uncommon for a child to slide backwards a bit, and ask myself is she really going more then normal, the answer is no. Another thing they tell you to watch for is loss of appetite. Oh brother, the list just goes on and on, one could drive themselves crazy. No more Internet searches until we see the specialists, I PROMISE!!

Well, this month is the time for my 3 month check up on my cancer. No, I doubt anything is going to change, but at these times I get a lot of worries and frets. Who wouldn’t? I am pretty sure this time I will have that expensive PET scan, it is a $4000.00 scan and we have never had to pay a dime for it before, but now with our insurance change I am sure we will have to pay at least part of the bill. I just don’t know how much.

That brings me back around to Selena, having to drive her clear to Seattle to see these specialists. That is a 104 mile drive in one direction. Traffic is horrible the further North we go, so we are probably looking at a 3 hour drive considering the traffic and depending on what time of day we have to be there. They squeeze in as much as they can in one day, so they say to expect to be there the entire day. Does Motel sound good about this time? At least it does to me for one night anyway.

Anyway if I seem a little scarce here on the Internet, you will know in advance, my plate seems a little over loaded right now. We will still keep focused on our homeschooling, as I do not want to throw Selena totally off track. I know we will get through this, and will look forward to hopefully being able to have Selena’s follow ups done at the Satellite Office in Olympia, once everything is done up in Seattle. That is our hope anyway especially considering I do not do well in Seattle traffic.

Ok, I am done with my little rant here. Thank you and sorry if I have bored you to death.

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  1. I've learned never look at internet doctor's sites, that's a sure fire way to end up with some really obscure disease.
    I'm praying for you girl.
    And, yes it's sounds like a perfect time to get a motel.

  2. You've got my prayers! I'm not big fans of I-5. I don't even like driving from Salem to Portland, much less Seatle. Take care.

    And, just so you have a happy story - I have a good friend (my best friend's husband), who has been without one of his kidneys since childhood, and other than being careful about medicine dosing, he's no worse for wear.

  3. Praying for you Debbie! Let God be your strength.

  4. Stay strong. You will make it through all of this. I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

  5. (((hugs)))! I hope that Selena's kidney is working well. The rest of the problems can be well attributed to the great age of 3. Boy, I certainly hope that some of our discipline problems will go away soon, because a few last week were exhausting even without medical worries. When will Selena have her checkup?

  6. Bless you my friend, as you go through all this. I'm sure everything is going to turn out fine- for both you & Selena, but getting all of your questions answered is stressful. I am with you in heart! Hugs across the internet miles! Love ya!

  7. Love the pictures Selena took! I will be praying for you this month you guys sure do have a ton on your plate!