Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Math Counting by Twos


We have continued to work with our number line. I just love teaching math concepts with a number line, I think it is really a very valuable tool. There is so much one can do with the number line.

I wondered how Selena would do with the concept of counting by twos. We laid out our number line, and of course she started counting as normal 0 – 25.

I drew her attention away from the number line to teach her the little cheer, “2, 4, 6, 8, Who do we appreciate, Selena!” She loved this little game.

100_2639 100_2640 100_2641 100_2642After several times of doing this cheer, we moved back to our number line. We placed markers on all the even  numbers counting by twos as we went along.

100_2643Selena wasn’t getting the concept, so I attempted to show her why they are called even numbers by sharing candy. I would place one piece of candy and ask her how we both could share it. Then move on to two pieces, when we got to three pieces she gave me one, herself one, and informed me that the left over piece was Papa’s. She definitely did not get the concept at all. That is ok, this is just something we will continue to work on. We will continue to learn the little cheer and I will find some other cute songs counting by twos, or I will make up my own.

The one thing I love about Selena is when something is a little over her head, she doesn’t get frustrated, she just uses her imagination to make if fit into her level of thinking. I loved that the left over candy would be saved for Papa!  

For more math ideas visit Joyful Learner.

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  1. I love the cheer pictures! I didn't try to teach odd and even via sharing between two. I focused instead on pairs of hands. I can see why sharing would be confusing to Selena who clearly understands that sharing can happen between more than 2 people. We haven't really tried skip counting here - I think I'll start with 10s and work my way backwards.

  2. I love the fun way you tried to teach these concepts! Crumpet doesn't get it yet either, and I've really struggled with HOW to teach the concepts. I'll have to try your ideas, and Natalie's too!

  3. So on a math CD I got, I loved that it explained this concept two ways: the animals went on the ark 2 by 2, and we count our eyes and ears and such by 2. It seemed really cute to me.

  4. Thanks for linking up!

    I have an entire post on Even/Odd. I hope it'll be useful to Selena in learning the concept.

    I love your blog, by the way. Your science and geography ideas are the best!

  5. Oops, I didn't provide the link.

  6. I love how you used the candy and the markers to introduce counting by twos. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing how you are teaching!