Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geography/History Texas


With Texas being the second largest State in the United States it was fitting that we had two families send us postcards. Selena thought it was pretty cool that she had more then one postcard from Texas, in fact she had 4.

texaspost We received this postcard from My Bilingual Boys. They explained the large ball is called Reunion Tower and it has a revolving restaurant where you can eat. It reminded me of the Space Needle in Seattle.

texas3 texas4 These three postcards were sent by Ticia from Adventures in Mommydum. She had each of her three children send a postcard. One of her boys told us that they love to climb and touch the statues at the parks or like in the first postcard. The other boy told us that Texas has cowboys as represented in the second postcard. Then her daughter explained that the city lights remind her of Christmas lights.

texas Now I have no understanding as to why Selena chose to use this shade of pink for Texas. I think she chose it as the postcard we got from My Bilingual Boys has purple in it. Your guess is as good as mine. She had no problem locating Texas after seeing it in our atlas and went right to work coloring.

texas1 At first Selena thought the flag was missing a section. I had to point out that it indeed had a white stripe, and was not the shape of an L with a star on it. She found out that Texas is known as the Lone Star State, “Is that why they have one star on the flag?” That was Selena’s famous question and comparison of this State. We learned that the Capital is Austin, the State bird is a mockingbird, there is cactus in Texas, Texas Longhorn, Armadillo, and the State Moto is Friendship.

Feel free to link up any post you have concerning Geography or History we would love to see what your children are learning.

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  1. I am so glad that Selena liked her postcard. That is so funny that she chose pink for our state.

  2. I am amused at the pink as well. Glad she liked the postcards. My library has a rather depressing amount of books on the state of Washington as far as little guys are concerned, but we've improvised, you're going to be very amused.

  3. Selena makes a great progress on her state map. Anna knows that Texas is where we don't want to live due to some comments of Lars in the past. I visited it many times - it's really not as bad as many Californians make it out to be :)

  4. Good observation about the star - Selena really pays attention!

  5. I agree - great observation about the star. And I like the pink, although not sure what the meaning is behind it! ;-) It sounds like you had a good lesson on Texas.

  6. Wow! I'm impressed with how observant Selena is. I cant wait to do this in the future with my kids! Post card exchanges are so fun!