Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Big Thank You!

I want to take a few moments to just thank all of you who have commented on my previous post about Selena’s kidney issue. I have enjoyed receiving so much encouragement and genuine love from all of you.

I want you to know life goes on as normal here. We are very grateful that we found this news out the way we did, rather then down the road facing a possible problem and not knowing. We feel relieved and blessed, both at the same time that things worked out the way they did. We now will be able to focus on keeping this kidney healthy. Can you imagine not knowing this, and having a health issue come up and having them put her on medication that would not be good for a person with one kidney? When I think of that I count my blessings that for three years she has only had 2 ear infections, and only a couple of cases of flu. She has been so healthy and we foresee that to continue.

This is not to say that it wasn’t a shock when we first got the news, but you know at the same time it was a huge relief, as they had ordered this test to rule out kidney cancer. So while we were shocked this news really was a relief, if that makes any sense at all.

Selena has been a little trooper through this so far. She was the bravest little thing going through the Ultra Sound. I had done my best to explain the night before what would take place during the test, so when the Tech started to explain to her what she was going to be doing, Selena just reached up grabbed the wand out of her hand and put it on her belly and with a huge smile said “See the picture now? See my stomach? It is like our science experiment Mama!” She laid there so curious and was really upset that they didn’t let her see the pictures of her tummy. I was upset with that too, as I asked several times to let her see.

During the blood work, Selena again was a little trooper, didn’t even shed a tear. Oh yes she said it hurt and she complained, but she didn’t cry, nor try to thrash around, we barely had to hold her to get the lab work done. I was very proud of her for her strength and courage. She did inform me after we left, “Mama no more doctors or dentists for now please!” So I cancelled her dental appointment that was scheduled for today. Enough is enough! Except she got mad because Papa threw her pink bandage wrap away, and she wanted to play with it today.

Tonight she explained that while Mama and Papa have two kidneys and pointed the area out where our kidneys are, she explained that she has one very SPECIAL kidney. She does understand more then one would expect out of a 3 year old. We believe with all our heart that God provides each and every one of us with the tools we need to get through what ever we will have to endure, and if this is true, then Selena is a perfect picture of that.

I do plan on making regular posts, probably monthly on what we are learning, and what they are doing for Selena as we proceed forward here. I feel if anything maybe Selena’s story will give others courage, and strength to get through what ever trials they might be facing in their lives. We realize that there are children out there facing more serious illnesses and conditions then Selena is facing and we in no way want to set Selena up there above them, but we do want to share what we are learning as a teaching tool for other children and for parents alike. I think you know we will be beginning a study here down the road on the human body and will spend a lot of time looking at the function of the kidneys.

Again I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. We wish all of you a very HAPPY EASTER! We will be back into full steam with school next week.

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  1. What a wonderfully brave little girl! Those tests & blood work scare us adults!
    I know Selena will be just fine- your support - the way you explain things to her is just fantastic.
    You are indeed an example to us all.
    Well done!
    I'm glad the worst of it is behind you and you can move on and learn all about the body with your lessons - especially Selena's "special spleen!" :-)

  2. What a great post in all of this! She's such a trooper, and so patient through it all.

  3. What a brave little girl. Sounds like you are handling this beautifully.

  4. What a sweetheart! I'm sorry to be commenting late, I was halfway through your post yesterday, when the little ones pulled me away for some crazy thing. I'm glad to read how well Selena did through all the tests - and that the tests came out better than you feared. Praise the Lord!

  5. I am sorry that you have this challenge in your lives, Debbie. The important part is that Selena is healthy and hopefully will continue to be a healthy, strong and intelligent girl. I completely agree with you - it's best to find out early, so you know what to watch out for. Hopefully the further tests will show that this kidney is healthy and happy. I'll be looking forward to your updates.

  6. It is truly a blessing that this was caught before there was a more serious side effect. I will look forward to your posts on the kidney since I don't know much about them myself. That's a shame that they wouldn't show her the picture of her belly.

  7. So glad for this update. Selena is such a brave girl and so smart. I also would have been disappointed with that ultrasound tech for not giving her a chance to see, especially as you had requested it. I think what she did with the wand is adorable. Looking forward to more updates.