Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No School Lot’s of School Week

We didn’t do anything as far as school went. We spent our week traveling 80 miles round trip so far 3 times this week, twice in one day for Doctor’s appointments.

When Selena was in for her 3 year check up the Dr noticed that the left side of Selena’s face was fuller then the right side and wanted to see her back for a follow up. I scheduled that and took her in yesterday. Next thing I knew the Doctor was ordering an Ultra Sound to check Selena’s kidneys.

It was news to me but there are several conditions that can cause one side of a child’s face to be fuller then the other side, one of which is Kidney cancer or known as Wilm’s Tumor. Before anyone gets alarmed, NO Selena does not have Wilms Tumor! There is also a syndrome that usually goes a long with Developmental Delays, which Selena has none of the symptoms for. This is why the Doctor wanted the Ultra Sound to rule out the Wilms Tumor.

Let me tell you as with any parent or grandparent when you are told there could be something wrong, you can think 1000 different scenarios in your mind. Well we were no different, but we finally faced the fact that this Pediatrician was totally nuts and nothing would be wrong leaving us looking for a different Dr. We just knew in our hearts that our precious Selena could not have anything wrong, after all she has never really been sick in her three years with us.

I took Selena in for her Ultra Sound this morning, came home figuring what ever we found out would not be bad news. The phone rang at exactly 1:30 this afternoon. It was her Pediatrician calling to inform me that Selena only has one Kidney. I melted onto the kitchen floor. I could not believe what I was hearing. She wanted us in by 4:00 for blood work. Ok, at this point I am game to do anything even though it meant we loaded in and drive the 80 miles round trip again in the same day.

The guess right now as to why she only has one kidney is pretty much up in the air. As far as I know mom was never told there was anything pointing to a problem with Selena’s kidneys before birth. Selena has never had any urinary infections nor really ever been sick. She has only had two ear infections that were caught very early on, and a couple bouts of flu. So the guess right now is because Selena was such a large baby at birth and had ran out of room, she was over due, and mom had what is known as a dry birth, this caused damage to the right kidney and the body just absorbed it. We may never really have any true answers to this. I will keep you all posted as we go along this journey, just what we do find out, and what we learn.

Selena’s reaction to the news that she only has one kidney, “Oh they got rid of it and made me better!” I just looked at her and said, “Yep that is right, and you didn’t even know you were sick.” I have since explained the truth to her.

To end this with a happy note, Selena and I did have so much fun yesterday before her Doctor’s appointment. We went and walked around the Mall in Olympia. Selena got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny.


We then went over to Target and look what we found in the Dollar section.

100_2322 100_2323 100_2325

She can finally make music without having to play on the piano all the time!

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  1. It is so terrifying when you think something major may be wrong with your child. My heart jumped into my throat when I started reading your post, and I have never even met Selena. Please do keep us posted, and know that I am thinking of you all. I'm sure everything will be ok.

  2. Oh my heavens, I can not imagine how I would feel getting news like that. Thankfully Selena is a healthy girl and I'm sure she'll continue to be. Does having only one kidney explain the fullness on one side of her face? Is there really anything that can be done (will she need to be extra careful in regards to her immunity, etc)? I know this was a shock for you, and I'll keep you and sweet Selena in my prayers!

  3. I can only imagine what a shock must have been to find out this news. Big (((hugs))) to you and Selena. I have to say that her pediatrician is pretty good finding out the root cause - majority of doctors would have probably dismissed this concern about her face - I don't see it at all in the pictures. I hope that this will have no real impact outside of lifestyle management - drink more water, Selena!

  4. I totally forgot to tell you, my friend Sam who struggled with cancer for so long, functioned with 1 kidney for several years after he was first found to have kidney cancer. So, you can function just fine with 1 kidney. It's just not ideal.
    But, it's still scary for you, and you're worried about your little girl. Just know you have someone who is praying for you down in Texas, and is only a phone call away.

  5. It's scary when you find out something might be wrong with a child. Is her one kidney healthy? My husband had a kidney transplant and has lived with one kidney (and someone else's at that) for 15 years now. My prayers are with you!

  6. Hugs, hoping for good news.

    I have always been the type that can face anything I KNOW ! It is the unknown that drives me crazy. I hope you get answers very soon.

  7. Oh my, what a shocking revelation after all this time. I can't imagine getting news like that, or what my reaction would be. Seems so weird to be given that news,when there was no other reason for you to believe she was lacking a kidney. Praise the Lord for an observant doctor. What a mystery though. Know that you also have someone praying for your precious Selena here in Pennsylvania.

  8. Oh, Debbie, I will most definitely keep you, Selena and your husband in my prayers.

    I cannot imagine how you must feel and felt getting this news. I will be reading regularly to stay up with what is going on with Selena's health.

    I pray that this does not affect her in any negative way, and again, I will pray for her and your family.

    Thank you for letting me know.

  9. What a day you've had!! I asked my Doctor hubby about having only kidney and he said it could be just fine. So that is what I'm trusting!! Please keep me posted. I include you all in my prayers my friend!

  10. This is not exactly what I expected to read on your blog today. What a trying week. My grandmother has only one working kidney for her entire life they believe and just turned 90 years old this year! Thinking and praying for you and hoping you can enjoy Easter!

  11. I am so sorry that I am barely reading this post now. I have been having a crazy week which didn't leave me much time for reading other people's blogs. I was catching up with my reading right now when I read this. I haven't had to go through anything too scary with my daughter but I know how upset I get when she just has a cold or something. So I can only imagine how scary it must have been for you and your family. Its good that the Dr. caught it though before she had any more serious side effects. It must have been shocking to say the least. If you don't mind my asking, what are they going to do for her? Is she just going to have to certain lifestyle precautions or is she going to have to have treatment? I know little Selena will be in my thoughts and prayers all day after I read this.

  12. okay so I got a little behind in blog reading and read your other post and had to come see what was going on! So glad the doctor found this.. I am sure she will do great with only one now that she knows. You are right there are so many medicines that can be damaging to kidneys so its great that you found out and can protect that one! My Dad was diagnosed with cancer my freshman year of high school. He had his kidney removed with the tumor. So he now has to be careful what activities he does and medicines and all that.. so long story short.. so glad they found this out so you can protect the one she has. Prayers as you guys digest all of this in the next few weeks.