Friday, April 2, 2010

Preschool Corner/Weekly Update


We started the week off with an art project, a science project, and a little reading. We are refocusing our attention in reading back to a little more Progressive phonics. Selena is struggling a bit with her reading due to the lack of understanding just a few concepts, so I popped up the Progressive phonics to reinforce these skills. She is moving along quickly though and is so close to moving into the Advanced books in Progressive phonics very soon here. She is reading more independently these days and even read a couple of little books to her Pediatrician.

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It was fun to see Selena using her learned skills the rest of the week while we were out and about. While driving she watches for the traffic lights and makes sure I know if it is red or green, and tells me when to stop and go. She is loving to point out letters to me or words she knows on road signs as we drive. I tried playing the ABC game with her in the car, but she preferred to just call out random letters, words, or numbers.

While at the hospital waiting our turn to get registered for her Ultra Sound, they gave us a number of C128, I explained to Selena we had to wait for our number to be called. She looked around and observed the numbers above the receptionists desks, and began to inform me what number was shown and even informed me how many more were ahead of us. I believe the number was C124, so she informed me that there were 4 people ahead of us. Each time a new number was called, she would announce the new figure of people in front of us. When the person just ahead of us was done, Selena jumped up before our number was called and informed me it was our turn.

Back at the Doctor’s office Selena had to read the entire eye chart for her pediatrician even though they were not checking her vision. When asked to confirm how to spell her last name she spelled out I N G O L D, now this is the name that Selena has chosen to go by, but her real last name is Whisenhunt, so I would have to correct that. Selena looked up at me and announced “No I am an Ingold!” She refuses to even hear her real last at all. She was asked for her birth date, and she again in a big voice announced December 14, 2006.

I am seeing on a daily basis Selena’s confidence in herself in the new skills she is learning. She is never ceases to amaze me over all the new words she is reading, recognizing, or spelling out as we go along. Her skills in math though still need some work on, is just exploding. We haven’t even talked much about subtraction or three digit numbers so her wisdom at the hospital surpassed all my expectations.

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  1. That is so cool that she's chosen your last name. I always find it funny what kids get stuck on. It sounds like she did an amazing job at the hospital, but then I knew she would.

  2. Selena's skills seem to be "on the cusp" in so many areas. I am sure they will all click completely, and she will continue to amaze you with her progress.

  3. One of my aunts retained her maiden name after she got married and one of my cousins always stuck to that last name rather than his own last name (his father's last name). He would get so upset when you would tell him that wasn't his last name. He's all grown up now though lol.

  4. I'm always so impressed by how much Selena knows. Great work!

  5. Wow ~ Selena is really growing in leaps and bounds. And so very sweet about her last name. :)


  6. She is learning so fast! I love hearing about her week!