Thursday, March 11, 2010

Preschool Corner/Weekly Update


We had another busy little week. Selena is so fun and so interested in learning, that it seems we are just always doing something around here. Since I have started posting bits and pieces from our week as we go along I will make links to those posts in my wrap up so if you missed something you will have a quick reference.


Selena has continued to read her first little book, and has started working on her second book. The second book is a little bit more challenging, but she has plugged a way with it. It is probably going to take another week on this book before she is comfortable with all the new words before she is really ready to read it totally independent. We are still using the white board as we did with the first little book. She is learning so much from this exercise with letter blends, and is starting to pick out those rhyming words.



I was very proud to how easy Selena found and took to simple addition. We will probably continue to work on simple addition a little bit during our break, since she loves working with the manipulates.  She has wanted to work with this a little bit everyday.



Selena made up her own Science experiment this week, with the flashlight and white poster board. I was really proud of the fact that she thought of the things she needed and had them all set up before calling my attention to what she was doing. I am so looking forward to being able to get outside more and taking our science out into the world to discover all that is around us.


She has been so taken by science this week that we actually did a second experiment about color blending.



We finished up our study on Indiana. Selena made some very interesting and surprising comparisons of Indiana and Washington. I checked out a book from the library that I will share next week for Geography that talks about travel and postcards. We will also be off on another adventure to a new State.


Selena missed dance again this week. She still was not feeling totally up to par from the fevers she was running over the weekend. I don’t feel too bad about it since we are opting out of the recital this year. Next year we will get her going into a different dance school.

We really have changed a lot about how our school is running these days. On Thursdays we always tie up the loose ends, this means workbook pages and just sitting at the table to talk about all the fun things we have learned. I have learned that if I theme each day and focus on one basic skill, Selena is more interested then if I try to do a bit of this and a bit of that. This also leaves more energy and time for both of us for any suggestions or ideas that Selena comes up with that she wants to do or learn. Below Selena is looking through all that we did in her workbook and her free coloring.

100_2204 100_2205 100_2206 100_2207 As I said before she is more into doodle art then any sort of art project. She really was not sure what she wanted to draw today so I just started drawing some colored lines across the paper, she thought that looked pretty neat and added a few of her own, and then she was done!

To see what others have been doing in their Preschools visit Homeschool Creations. While your there share with us what you have been doing.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great week. I kind of also noticed the same - it's best if we do one focuses activity and then I am leaving it up to Anna to decide what she wants to do. I like the series of Selena with her worksheets - she looks so pleased with herself.

  2. She looks so proud of herself as she looks over all her work. Very cute!

  3. I love her smiling at her work in the worksheet photos!

  4. Having a review day is an excellent idea!

  5. Love Science work. I've actually been doing that too, in regards to having sort of mini themes. We still the basic stuff but for any new work I present I seem to be having a math week and then move on to a science week. It just seems to feel right and it all flows rather than being disjointed. Happy to see someone else thinking along those lines :) :)

  6. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week!!

  7. Selena is too cute standing there in front of the board and reading! :)

  8. I love when they take a concept (like science experiments) and expand on their own! It shows that they truly understand what's going on!