Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Geography/History #9


As we continued our tour of Indiana, we found a lot of interesting facts. Selena had fun making comparisons of some of the things we found out about Indiana with those things we had found out about Washington. We revisited Washington and looked over some of the interesting facts we had found. Selena is really observant these days and spends a lot of time making comparisons. Some of these really take me by surprise.

Indiana is surrounded by 4 States, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

It is the 19th State.

Highest Hill: Hoosier Hill

Crops/Agriculture: Corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, dairy products, eggs.

Industry: Steel, electric equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products, petroleum and coal products, machinery.

Governor: Joe Kernan

Selena observed there is no Ocean!

Selena thought that meant our State is older since it is the 42nd.

Selena informed me that we don’t grow pigs, cattle, or eggs.

Selena informed me that we have none of these.
By the time we got to this point, Selena said that Indiana is not like our State at all. She was done with the lesson, so this is all we got. I was surprised when she didn’t notice that the Governor was a different person!
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  1. Selena is really sharp with her observations. I have to keep reminding myself how young she is!

  2. I was going to say the same thing. I'm impressed with her observations. Very smart girl there! And it's great she's seeing the differences between the states, since that's a big part of understanding geography.

  3. I love it when Anna makes contrast and compare without me having to point it out to her. It's amazing what Selena noticed about Indiana and Washington - she really thinks like a scientist. She did a great job on this unit.

  4. I am amazed with Selena every post. Wow, what a smart girl!

  5. Impressive observations from Selena.