Thursday, March 18, 2010

Preschool Corner/ Weekly Update


We pretty much took this week off from school. I really needed a break myself. Not only that but with the time change we have had to deal with a few days of behaviors that come from adjusting to that one hour loss. We went through the same thing last fall with the time change as well, so I wasn’t too surprised to see this again.


We did continue working on our reading, not real intense, but a little everyday. Selena is sure learning a lot of new words, and hopefully next week she will be ready to read her second little reader by herself. She can read the first half of it pretty well, with a little assistance on some words. We took this week to read a lot of great library books. You can read about those Saturday when I post “What We Are Reading.”



Sunday we did the Cloud and Rain experiment. Selena had so much fun with that and is still talking about it. Then once again she took a subject and made her own Science experiment out of it. I am sure that Papa really enjoyed this experiment. He was a good sport about it all though.

100_2218 100_2225


Selena learned the many reasons people send postcards. I feel now she has more of an understanding as to why she has received these postcards, and this will help us in the rest of our Geography/History Trek.


Selena has been experimenting with her writing lately. I have actually been able to leave her crayons and coloring book out on the table throughout the day, so she has been able to color and write when ever she wants to. Here is her perfect A that she made.


No, she did not write the letter F, she drew the straight line down and exclaimed that she drew the letter F so I finished it for her to show her how to finish it off. The A was totally on her own part and what a perfect page, A is for Apples you know, as she informed me.

I am creating a folder for her that she can keep it in one of the drawers of our new hutch with her crayons so that she can work on workbook pages and her Kumon pages at her leisure. We will see how that works out for a while here. She has successfully worked through the letters H, I, T, F, and L.


After much consideration and the decision made that we would opt out on the dance recital, then with Selena missing two weeks of dance in a row from not feeling well, we decided to discontinue paying for these classes. She will be having the Spring workshop coming up for the other dance school, here soon. Then she will have a month trial period to see if she will continue in the dance school for this year or wait for another year.

We did do our workbook pages today, which Selena is loving being able to just sit down and do on a particular day instead of a page everyday.



Spring is on it’s way here. Hooray! More outside time is in store. I look forward to getting back outside and exploring daily the world around us. After compiling this I see we didn’t take that much of a week off! What can I say, there is always learning going on in this house!

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  1. What a great week! That's awesome that Selena is doing so well with her reading and writing.

  2. It's great that Selena is interested in writing. Her A is perfect. It's great that you could just stop paying for her dance - hopefully you will find something that is a better fit.

  3. I love the cloud experiment and can't wait to show it off to Crumpet! It's great that she's starting to write by herself!

  4. Love the science experiments. Looks like you had a good week. She is really growing quickly.

  5. Love the cloud experiment. And what a great A she made! Looks like you had a great week.

  6. What a wonderful week. It really is an amazingly good A. Maybe that's the next thing she's going to make amazing progress in.

  7. That is a perfect A if I ever saw one :)

  8. How old is Selena? I cant believe shes reading and writing letters so well! Thats awesome!

  9. She is doing so well! I adore her interest in science...something I need to start focusing more on!

  10. Looks like a great week! The A she wrote is good!!