Thursday, March 18, 2010

Selena’s Computer Time

I haven’t shared lately about Selena’s computer time. She doesn’t get to spend a lot of time on the computer, but I do let her play on it every so often. Her mouse skills are improving so much! Not only that but on her memory match game she is now getting through the levels very quickly.


She can earn coins on this game which allow her to take a peek at all the cards, there are three per game, she usually only has to use one maybe two at the most to get clear through the game. Each game has different characters and objects. She figured out the coin option on her own, I had no idea that the coins could be cashed in for a peek at the board, until she showed me.

She also loves to create in Paint. This is one that we do not do a lot of as she is all over the place with it. She uses every option possible and I can hardly keep up with her when she is on it.


This isn’t the best picture since she chose to use such light colors, I finally persuaded her to use some darker colors, since she insisted I take a picture. She is getting very good at making circles with the mouse, and then filling them in using the paint brush. I would have to say there is nothing wrong with her mouse, eye, and hand coordination. She even knows if I get a notice of an email to go and click right on the little x to clear it out of her way. How she figured that out is beyond me!

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  1. Is that Purple Place? We also like to play that game. My kids love computer time, but they, like Selena do not spend much time on it.

  2. Wow, Selena is definitely a pro at using the mouse. Anna still has no computer time to speak of - it simply doesn't fit well into our schedule at the moment. But once or twice in the early morning she came over to the office and I let her play coloring games on FisherPrice site. She also figured it out extremely quickly, but she uses the trackpad on my laptop instead of the mouse.

  3. I haven't had my kids try Paint yet, I bet they'd have a blast with it.
    For some reason I really like that first picture. Isn't it funny what we like?

  4. Love the idea of using paint! I might have to do that this week!