Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Science/Selena’s Way #2

Selena is just loving all of her science experiments. Yesterday’s was one of the best we did, with making the clouds and rain. I think one thing that made it really special was that Papa was home to watch!

Last night Selena wanted more science experiments. Now it was getting rather late, we were all tired, so I just posed a question, “Why do you think Papa’s hair is turning white?” He has one and only one spot that is completely white. Well I guess you know Selena had to investigate.

She first answered my question:

1. It is turning white because Papa put glue in it.

2. A bird landed on his head and left a white feather.

3. Ummm I just don’t know.



She investigated it very closely, and looked at all the hair around this spot and all over Papa’s head to conclude:

“Well, It is just Papa’s hair!”

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  1. Oh, she is so sweet!

  2. This is great - I love her close inspection and "scientific deduction". I am sure she'll be mulling it over for a while.

  3. You know, I always love when I ask my kids questions like that. I love her answers.
    Oh, and to amuse you further, Jeff called me after reading my post this morning, and informed me I had labeled the boys backwards in the pictures, and he was sure it was a different kid.