Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Weekend Play

Saturday, while I was fixing dinner Papa decided to take Selena out to ride her bike. She was so thrilled to have time with Papa. She wore him out going up and down the sidewalk, but I know he enjoyed it as well.

I couldn’t resist sneaking out to get some pictures.

100_2309 100_2310

Today (Sunday) it was raining of course. Selena wanted to go ride her bike but we explained she would just get soaked. We don’t go out in the rain here to play as it is always such a cold rain especially this time of year.

Instead we stayed in and played ball with Selena’s little nurf basketball, read books, and had a lot of pretend play. Selena decided to play baker, so we put on her apron and then she wanted a baker’s hat. I didn’t have one so we improvised. She baked cookies galore. Then grabbed her Mega blocks and made us everything from corn on the cob, to blue meat, and yellow cake.

100_2312 She is a pretty serious little baker you know. It is truly days like these when I get the most enjoyment out of her.

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  1. Those are the best days. I had a blast playing outside with the kids on our bikes. It's a shame Jeff doesn't spontaneously take pictures, because those would have been some fun pictures.

  2. Definitely the best days! I'm liking her baker's hat, very cute.

  3. What a fun day!!

  4. What a fun weekend! I love the picture of her in her baking outfit!

  5. Those pretend plays are so fun. Selena looks very confident on her bike. Grandparents want to buy something for Anna for Easter. We haven't decided yet whether it will be a scooter or a bike. Probably a scooter, since it's a popular thing in our neighborhood.