Saturday, March 27, 2010

Science Sunday/How a Flower Gets Water

I asked Selena what a flower needs to grow. She had some great answers:

1. Seeds

2. Dirt

3. Water

4. Sun

I then asked her how a flower gets the water? She said, “I don’t know.”


I took some dirt, flower seeds, water, and plastic wrap so that Selena could plant the seeds.

To show her how water travels up the stem of the flower we used a stalk of celery and colored water. I explained that celery is a plant, which Selena exclaimed celery is like a flower, the connection was made!

A little secret here: The instructions said to cut the end of the celery, I did that and nothing happened, so I broke off the end of the celery and pealed back some of the outer part.


100_2305 The water moved up the stalk of celery where I had pealed it back. This reminds me of using the carnation in colored water, but it works faster then having to wait over night.

Then we planted some flower seeds.

100_2297 100_2298 100_2299 This is sitting in our window, so now we will see what happens I figure one of three things, Selena will get curious and get into it and dump it out, since the seeds were so old they won’t germinate, or we will get flowers.

To see more science experiments visit Ticia at Adventures in Mommydum. You might also enjoy Friday Nature Table for other great Nature ideas.

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  1. I've never done that with celery. What a great idea!

  2. We are SO going to plant something next week - we always do it around Easter. I hope that your seeds are lucky and flowers will grow.

  3. We need to try that celery with water experiment - thanks for the reminder!

  4. It is fun to put white carnations in colored water too. You can actually cut the stem in two about half the way up the stem and have half the stem in one color and the other half in a different color. The white really shows the colors.

  5. A friend had told me about the celery sticks. I was going to try them next but JC seemed to get it with the straw and the flower analogy. Whichever way it works!

  6. How cool. It's fun to see all the plant related ideas as they come out.

  7. I remember doing this when I was in school and being so fascinated by it. We'll have to do it soon. I've never tried the carnation. That sounds fun too.

  8. I've never seen the experiment done with a stalk of celery. Several kids used the carnation experiment at the science fair this year.